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Dominik wears coaching headset to help with injuries, replay challenges



If you were wondering why Bucs general manager Mark Dominik was wearing a headset and sitting in the coaches box, as shown by the NFL Network cameras during a 31-15 loss to the Dallas Cowboys Saturday night, there's a good explanation.

Dominik helps coach Raheem Morris by communicating the list of injured players on both teams during the game and also is responsibile for assisting in the decision of whether to use an instant replay challenge.

"He actually calls every offensive play and every defensive play,'' Morris quipped. "So under fire is Mark Dominik.

"No, Mark Dominik handles injuries for me on both sides of the ball. (Trainer) Todd (Toriscelli) is able to call up to Mark Dominik and Mark Dominik is able to call down and say, "Raheem, you lost this guy for a series, you lost that guy for a series.' Hey, (Rah), I think Romo is limping.' I wished he had said that but he didn't. Things of that nature.

"He tells me everybody who potentially may be hurt on the other team, what's going on. When (Matt) Schaub got hurt, he was the first person to know at the stadium. He let me know right away. "I don't know if he's coming back.' He ended up coming back and then left after our game. Great.'

"But he also handles penalties for me. When we have possible challenges and things of that nature, he goes up, he's able to look at them. Usually, I'm dog-cussing him. 'What does it look like.' And he's like, "Hold, hold, hold' and usually gives me great information whether we want to challenge it. Even if it's a play we know we may not get back, it's just too important of a play, whatever the deal is. Just like the big Regis Benn touchdown against the Indianapolis Colts. Way too big of a play not to challenge it. Too close. Could have inconclusive evidence. "Just try it, Rah.' Boom, let's do it. All those things we do together.''

Is it unusual for a GM to wear a headset?

"I don't think so,' Morris said. "(Falcons' GM) Thomas Dimitroff wears one and a lot of the guys I see wear the headsets. I think I saw Jerry Jones with a headset on. I think people involved in football that have football minds, they're all in there. He has a headset up there and he's able to talk to me about those sort of things. He's part of our booth protocol, so to speak. I know Bruce Allen wore one.''









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