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Greg Schiano portrayed as controlling, demeaning in Yahoo! Sports story



By now you might have heard about a scathing Yahoo! Sports article posted today that details how Schiano ruffled many feathers in his interaction with NFL types during his years at the helm of Rutgers’ football program.

If you haven’t had a chance to take it in, it’s worth reading to let you judge the content for yourself. In it, former Sports Illustrated reporter and current Yahoo! writer Michael Silver spoke with “nearly a dozen NFL general managers, personnel executives, scouts and coaches familiar with Schiano's time at Rutgers” and “detected an almost unprecedented degree of resentment and disdain for a man who has yet to coach his third professional game.”


Basically, Silver’s sources indicated Schiano was extremely difficult to deal with when NFL personnel were on campus scouting his college players. According to the story, he routinely treated those visitors with disdain and went out of his way to make their jobs more difficult.

The backdrop for all this is the debate surrounding the kneel-down play last Sunday on which Schiano ordered his players to attack the Giants’ front – going against most coaches’ passive approach.

Silver writes, “The perception that Schiano presumptuously disregarded his status as an NFL newbie by ordering his defenders to go after the kneeling (Eli) Manning last Sunday – and stood by his insolence in postgame comments to reporters – caused personnel executives around the league to rail against his behavior in private contexts. That (Tom) Coughlin felt compelled to confront Schiano publicly carried even more weight.”

So, you have a good sense of what the story says. The question is what should you make of it?

Our two cents: Much of what’s written in this story, if you know Schiano, is very easy to believe. He is controlling and he does insist on doing things his way. Anyone at One Buc Place can tell you that. This is inevitably going to rub some people the wrong way.

As for whether Schiano is making enemies by ticking off other people in the NFL, ignoring protocol and not recognizing his status as a rookie coach, well, here’s something else we know about Schiano: He doesn’t care one bit.

Regarding the reporting in this story, all I can say is that it would never appear in the Tampa Bay Times. We have a strict policy of not using anonymous quotes, though we’ll commonly obtain information from unnamed sources because that's practically unavoidable. But allowing unnamed sources to speak negatively about a person removes the accountability of the accuser.

That said, Mike Silver is connected, and there’s no reason to think he has an axe to grind against Schiano. His method of reporting doesn't automatically make the story unbelievable.

Given all of that, what do you think of this story?

[Last modified: Friday, September 21, 2012 10:30pm]


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