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Okay, I posted this in the running game blog post, but I'll just give it it's own post.

Here are a couple of observations to mention.

First, on the injury front, Greg Spires tells me he has an Achilles strain. For all we know, it could be at least a partial tear. They'll know more once they get him on an MRI machine tomorrow. No immediate word on Torrie Cox and the severity of his knee injury.

Now, as for the offensive line and offense in general, from where I sit, they did a poor job handling the Jacksonville blitz. Arron Sears told me the Jags did a great job disguising things and then blitzed constantly. And, as Jon Gruden pointed out, when they blitz, that means you've got some one-on-one matchups downfield that you have to win. Obviously, they didn't win nearly enough of them.

And as far as Jeff Garcia is concerned, I thought he made a bad decision to throw that ball while getting decked on his second interception. That was a killer, too, because they were in scoring position at the time. He seemed to downplay it when asked afterward about the turnovers, but I have to disagree that that play was the result of a great defensive play, as he stated. It looked like he forced the throw. The guy has had a great year, I'm just calling a spade a spade. Frankly, it's better to take the sack. Don't you think?

And here's another nitpik (I'm full of them tonight). Not sure why Gruden/Garcia decided to get greedy on that third down play on the final drive. Instead of just working an underneath route or finding a back out of the backfield to get in field goal position (wasn't that the objective?), Garcia went deep to Hilliard and missed on an overthrow. That's a very low percentage play and probably not the wisest move in that situation.

Anyway, that's just my two cents, for what that's worth. Agree? Disagree? That's your prerogative. Either way, have at it.

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