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Raheem Morris' Wednesday quotes



Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris' Wednesday quotes, courtesy of the Bucs:

(On having a lot more injured players this week) 
"We were healthy last week, and that's what happens when you play a physical, tough game. You've just got to go out there and play. Atlanta got a lot of guys hurt, as well. So did we. Those are tough, physical games that you want to play and those are the ones you want to be in. We've just got to learn how to win them."

(On a second shot at Carolina) 
"They ran over us, there's no doubt about it. They took the last 15 snaps, whatever it was, and they ran the football every time except for a bear pass to go ahead and win the football game. We had just got some momentum type plays – I believe it was a big kickoff return and an interception return from Tanard Jackson. They got the ball backed up with us having the opportunity to get the ball back and possibly score and win that football game and we were not able to do it. That's all you've got to do, remind your team of that today. We're going to go out there and practice, going to practice hard, play hard, prepare ourselves to stop the run and win the football game."

(On not having much depth at cornerback) 

"Injuries, man, are all gray matter in my opinion. Just go out there and play. Nobody cares, so why should I. Nobody cares who's hurt; you've got to put the next person in and go play. It doesn't matter who's out there. You want them all to get healthy, you want them all to come back, but you've got to line up with who you've got. You've got to go out there and play and be your very best selves."

(On how close Josh Freeman is to having the offensive command necessary to be unleashed) 
"I don't know if he doesn't know that already. We've just got to go out there and let him get better and better every week. His passing stats keep going up, his decision-making keeps getting better, the limited amount of mistakes he's making – all those things are happening for him right now, right before our eyes. I think we all kind of want to rush him a little too fast. It's hard not to when you see passes like he throws; it's hard not to want to rush him. But it's coming. All the stuff you see him be able to do – I don't think we're limited much from him. He's got the whole plethora of things in his bag and we're calling them, he's going out there and checking them, he's making some of the right checks, he's making some of the wrong ones but his decision-making is getting better and better every week. Any time you go 20-for-29, that's a pretty good day for a quarterback. Every once in awhile you've got to have some of those plays that the Saints receivers give Drew Brees, catch a slant and go yard for 80. You're looking for some of those type of plays, too. It's all of us; we're getting better."

(On Antonio Bryant wanting the ball more) 

"Like I've said about Antonio, all receivers want the ball. Kellen [Winslow]'s not getting the ball enough. Cadillac [Williams] is not getting the ball enough. He's not getting the ball enough. They're right. All big-time players want the ball and you've got to give them the ball as much as you can. You're trying to get those big-time plays. I want those guys who want the ball. He's not disruptive about it. It's his way of saying he wants the football, and all good guys do. All good players do. I wanted the ball last week, like I talked about, on defense and I took it. I got the ball."

(On if there is merit to the argument that Bryant should be targeted more) 
"I didn't know we had that argument. But, no. I think he was targeted a couple more times than four, you just can't always throw it to him. Sometimes he's covered, sometimes you don't see him, sometimes it's whatever happened, a protection breakdown. Antonio's a good football player. Antonio just got back healthy and we've got to get the football in his hands. I'm looking forward to Antonio having a couple more catches like he had the other day. I'm pretty excited about it, actually."

(On Maurice Stovall) 

"I'm excited about Mo. Mo's got an opportunity to go out there and play for [Michael] Clayton, he's got an opportunity to go out there and play for A.B. when they've been out, when they've been hurt with knee stuff and hamstrings and all types of injuries. He's gone out there and every time he's gone out there he's produced. He got targeted eight times and he had five catches for 85 yards and two touchdowns. He dropped one big one that time in Miami, I believe. What he's done, he's showed us he likes it when it's sticky a little bit, he's shown us some things that we didn't know he could do, that he can. We're just really excited about his prospects and where he's going and where he's taking it. Right now, you're talking about a guy that just goes in when he's called on. A.B. has to sit out, Maurice Stovall goes in and plays X; Michael Clayton has to sit out, Maurice Stovall goes in and plays Z; Sammie Stroughter's out for a play in the slot, at Zebra, Maurice Stovall goes in and plays the Zebra. He just does all those things for you and then he goes out and does it for you on punt team, and he goes out and does it on Cat team and blocks a punt. He's just got a lot of tools in his bag that makes him very exciting and makes you very happy to have Maurice Stovall on your football team."

(On Barrett Ruud adjusting to the defensive changes) 

“Obviously you see a different player. He had 11 tackles, a forced fumble, and a tackle for a loss. He had a couple of those splash plays that we haven’t been seeing from him. I gave him a little bit more of those keys, so to speak. He was able to make some checks out there that you guys were able to see, locally. He was able to take a little more control of the defense. He was able to do some things that we haven’t done in the past that I knew he could do and could handle. We had our meeting together, we talked about it and he had a lot of input. He was able to give me input. I don’t know if you guys saw but he was able to check down in the redzone a couple of times. It was great. It was part of the reason that you use timeouts during a game. When you have a guy like that. He needs to see it, he wants to look at it, tell you what he likes and tell you what’s good for the team, how people fill it, how the momentum is out there, the tempo, who’s hot, if we should blitz. All type of things he gives you, all types of info. The same call sheet in my hand, I give him the night before. Him, Ronde and Niko. We sit in a room together and we talk about it. We go through the whole call sheet and the whole progression in the game, what may happen, what the outcome could be, how is it going to happen and how you want it to happen. How we are going to dictate the tempo of this game and how the offense is going to dictate the tempo. We want to start one step ahead of those guys. If they beat us on something, great. We will come back and use the next call we had already lined up and make sure that one wins or was it just my fault. It’s always a great conversation with Barrett. We had a great example this weekend. We had an 88 call, two men and he got caught on Tony Gonzalez. He came to the sideline and said, ‘Hey, let’s switch this up. Let’s go 46, I will take the back and we put Aqib Talib on Tony Gonzalez. It was kind of a Barrett idea. It was great communication. The next third down we won. Roberson made a big time play on Roddy White in the slant. Those are the types of things you can do when you have a great guy and a great quarterback on the defense like Barrett Ruud.”

(On Donald Penn) 

“I’m very proud of Donald and what he’s done here. He kept his mouth shut, you usually don’t hear from a left tackle. That’s the best thing in the world, you don’t hear from a lineman. He has played against some of the best premier ends in the league. You talk about Julius Peppers, DeMarcus Ware, Schobel, Abraham. Anybody. He can set up against anybody and play his best against anybody. He’s played very well this year.”

(On the Carolina Panthers’ running backs) 
“These guys have dominated the last couple of years. What’s my measuring stick? Not allow 200-yards. You are talking about premier backs in this league. I’m not going to call it a measuring stick but we have to go out there and play for us. It’s not about measuring sticks, judging me, or judging them. None of that stuff. This game is about progress, pride, standing up, being about something. This is a little different. This is the Carolina Panthers. This is a division foe. This is John Fox. I don’t like John Fox – no, he’s a great guy. You know what I mean. This is a great competitor. This has always been a great rivalry.”

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