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Right or wrong? Opinions vary on Schiano-Coughlin dustup



Was Schiano right or wrong?
What did you think of Greg Schiano ordering his players to try to knock the ball loose from Eli Manning as the Giants QB knelt to run out the clock?
Agree. They should continue to fight until the game is over.
Disagree. It's not done in the NFL, and players could have gotten hurt.

The sports world is buzzing about Sunday’s run-in between Bucs coach Greg Schiano and Giants coach Tom Coughlin, a dustup caused by Schiano instructing his players to attack the Giants front line on a kneel-down play at the end of Tampa Bay’s loss to New York.

Coughlin protested, barking at Schiano with a profanity-laced tirade at midfield just after the game. And Coughlin’s right: NFL teams generally don’t do this.

But does that make it wrong? There are differing opinions in the media today worth looking at.

Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel agreed with Coughlin’s sentiments that the tactic isn’t something that is generally accepted in the NFL. To which Wetzel says, so, what?

“So (Schiano) did what he did,” he wrote. “Was it bush-league? Sure, there's a case for that. It was also a sign that he expects to build an entire team of similar competitors. Ones churning with anger like him. Ones who don't care much for etiquette when there are NFC doors to be kicked down.

“Greg Schiano was hired to change the entire culture of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and if he's going to fail at that, it won't be from nicely backing down from anyone, at any time.”

That was not a feeling shared by Dan Graziano of ESPN New York.

He wrote, “if a new hotshot coach wants to come in from the college ranks and shake things up with a new defense or some funky new plays or even a new attitude, I'm generally all for it. That is not, however, what Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano is up to with this thing where he had his players jump over the line and after New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning while Manning was taking a knee at the end of Sunday's game. The Giants were justifiably upset about the maneuver, and Schiano's excuse was weak and stupid.

“It also shows a lack of respect. It's sore-losership. You've been beaten, fair and square, in the part of the game in which both teams were competing honestly. To try to win it cheaply with a sneaky play after the opposing team (and any other opposing team you've ever faced or ever will face) justifiably believes it to have been decided is dishonest and dishonorable.”

This morning, during SportsCenter on ESPN, analyst Ron Jaworski defended Schiano.

“Tom Coughlin preaches finish. The Buccaneers were finishing,” Jaworski said. “I think Tom Coughlin owes an apology to Greg Schiano.”

Finally, writing in the New York Daily News, columnist Gary Myers took a shot at Schiano.

“This was dangerous. Schiano ordered his guys to go after Manning, go after the ball.

“‘If they watch Rutgers, they would know, that’s what we do at the end of the game,’ he said.

“Forgive Coughlin if he didn’t pop the best of ‘The Schiano Years’ into his DVD player, although it wouldn’t have taken much more than two or three minutes to watch.

“College coaches who try to bring college stuff to the NFL usually wind up back in college.”

[Last modified: Monday, September 17, 2012 10:35am]


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