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Substance-abuse crash course

A reader named Russell commented in the Torrie Cox entry below about the NFL's decision to not make the details of the substance-abuse policy guidelines available to the public. I've seen it and I'm not sure anyone out there really wants to read the 20-something pages of the thing (and you need a law degree to decipher it), but for what it's worth, here's a capsulized version provided on the league's media-only, password-protected site. For anyone out there who is still curious about reading the whole document, drop me a line at and I'll see if I can figure out how to get it to you a PDF file of it via email.

Overview of NFL Policy and Program
for Drugs of Abuse and Alcohol

Players enter program due to:

      •     Positive urinalysis for drugs of abuse

      •     Medical Director determination based on behavioral assessment

      •     Self-referral

Program Phases:

        •      Stage 1: Evaluation and Treatment

             1.    Evaulation by psychiatrist and mandatory treatment contract

             2.    Failure to cooperate or failure to comply with treatment contract results in three-game check fine

             3.    All players advance to Stage 2

      •     Stage 2: Drug Testing/Discipline

             1.    Urine tests—up to 10 per month for two years at direction of NFL Medical Advisor

             2.    First positive test=four game check fine (four week suspension if fined in Stage 1)

             3.    Second positive test=four game suspension (six week suspension if fined in Stage 1) and advancement to Stage 3

             4.    Failure to provide urine sample considered positive test

      •     Stage 3: Drug Testing/Banishment

             1.    Urine tests—up to 10 per month for three years at direction of NFL Medical Advisor

             2.    Any positive test results in banishment for minimum of one year

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