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Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Kellen Winslow giving coach Raheem Morris an 'idea of the problems he's had.'



Kellen Winslow, Jr., is an emotional player. But sometimes those emotions get the best of him.

"Oh, he's definitely talented,'' coach Raheem Morris said. "But I'm also starting to get an idea of the problems he's had.

"Sometimes, his emotional energy is going to give us a lift. And other times, it's going to hurt us. He's got to know when it's not the right time.''

Case in point. Winslow celebrated one catch during practice Thursday, then seemed to pout when he dropped a ball.

"We've talked about this, so there's not talking behind my team's back,'' Morris said. "Kellen Winslow catches a pass, he's hyped up and gets the crowd going. He can throw it down behind his back, spin it and get people around him riled up. But then he drops one, puts his head down and walks back to the huddle. That's part of riding the emotional roller coaster that we don't want to do.

"You've got to be the same and you can't waiver no matter what, no matter what's going on in your surroundings. You need somebody to pick him up. Nobody on our team should've let him drop his head. He shouldn't think about dropping his head. That's a part of being a team, that's a part of going to the next play. You don't want one play to become a bad practice.''

Morris said Winslow is a bit of a perfectionist and fights himself when he makes a bad play. 

"He's so hard on himself because he's self-driven,'' Morris said. "He's, so-to-speak, high maintenance for himself. He expects and demands a lot from himself. He's a perfectionist. So when he's doing well, he's doing really well. When he's doing bad, he's too hard on himself I think.

"He's not trying to be negative, he's not trying to be the bad guy. But he's coming across that way. A lot of times he's going to be the best player on any given day. He can't show any mental weakness.

"Once you get the best player, you've got it all. (Carolina receiver) Steve Smith is the same way every game, whether he drops a pass, runs the ball or scores a touchdown. It doesn't matter. He's still going to tell you, "You can't cover me.' It doesn't matter. You've got to have that mentality.

 "I think this might be the first time that anybody has ever addressed it and talked to him about it in front of the room. He understands. He looks me in the eye. I look him in the eye. That's it. "My bad.' If he does something good, I tell him, 'my bad.'


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