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Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Antonio Bryant appreciates QB Byron Leftwich and more on conference call with Dallas media



Bucs WR Antonio Bryant, the team's franchise player who signed a one-year, $9.88-million tender, had some interesting takes on Byron Leftwich, Bill Parcells, and Jon Gruden during a conference call Wednesday with the Dallas media.


"It's definitely different, but I think the important thing about it is him (Leftwich) being able to scan the field, read through the progressions, I haven't had that in a while, at least since (Vinny) Testaverde.

ON BUILDING CHEMISTRY WITH LEFTWICH: Most definitely. You know what makes spectacular catches? The ball not necessarily being where it's supposed to be. That's how you get those big-time plays. Guys make plays.''


"We’re just as ready as any team out there. The first three or four games are usually games that people can steal because I don’t think anybody has a foot in the ground ready to go and come out of the blocks the way they want to. A lot of teams jump out.''

ON HIS KNEE WHICH UNDERWENT SURGERY: I’m practicing. My knee, I’m not even worrying about it.

EVER BUMPED INTO PARCELLS SINCE BEING TRADED?: Only time I bumped into him was the Miami game. I spoke to him … I know that at the end of the day he probably felt like, ‘I saved that guy’s career.’ I can give him some credit. I’ve always had a hard head. Hard heads have to bump into walls some times, it’s just a matter are you going to go knock into the wall again?''

SO YOU APPRECIATE HIM NOW FOR THAT: Most definitely. But I still … as a man. There’s just different ways to handle life. Everybody’s situation is different.''

WHAT CHANGES DID YOU MAKE PERSONALLY TO BECOME THE PLAYER YOU ARE NOW: "Just redirect my focus. One thing is for sure, you always have reporters, you always got haters and you always have doubters.''

ON THE FIRING OF GRUDEN: The worst day in the NFL is when you have to get your roster down. Everyone creates relationships with people that help you get through camp and all those things and then kind of like that with Coach Gruden...I went through a whole entire process with him from the day him calling and saying, ‘Hey, I want you to come out here and work out for me,’ up to the point where we were in situations of, ‘Hey I need more out of you.’ We were going into the game against Carolina and I had the best game I had in my career there, and the next thing you know we’re going into offseason where I’m trying to sign a contract to come back and do this thing and (something about losing coach)… that’s pretty tough.''

DISAPPOINTED YOU DIDN’T GET REWARDED CONTRACTUALLY AFTER A BIG YEAR: I did get rewarded, I’m playing this year. Hey, I get to do it again, it don’t get any better than that.

[Last modified: Wednesday, May 26, 2010 3:41pm]


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