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Fox's Lynch can sympathize with Goldson's position

John Lynch, who called Sunday's Bucs-Saints game for Fox, wondered immediately if Dashon Goldson's hit might draw a suspension.


John Lynch, who called Sunday's Bucs-Saints game for Fox, wondered immediately if Dashon Goldson's hit might draw a suspension.



TAMPA -- Former Bucs safety John Lynch understands where Dashon Goldson is this week, trying to change something instinctive.

Just two games into his Bucs career, Goldson had a one-game suspension for a helmet-to-helmet hit against the Saints overturned and reduced to a $100,00 fine. But that near-miss is the equivalent of fouling off a pitch with two strikes, in that the next mistake could be costly with a new level of scrutiny on how he's tackling opponents.

"I've been there before, and it's a lot more difficult on the field than people think," said Lynch, who called Sunday's Bucs-Saints game for Fox and wondered immediately if Goldson's hit might draw a suspension. "At Fox, and all these networks, we have the ability to slow things down to the Nth degree. It looks like 'C'mon. How do you do that?' Believe me, on the field, things are moving faster than you can imagine, and they're moving targets."

So Lynch has sympathy for the position Goldson is now in, but he also can step back and deliver a different message -- he has to find a way to lower his target and be an effective hitter without hurting the Bucs with a suspension.

"One of the problems for the Bucs is that the most physical players, the people who have a great talent for being explosive are the ones being targeted in this emphasis by the league," Lynch said. "It happened to me at times. I had a talent for hitting people incredibly hard, out in the middle of the field, and the same thing is happening with Dashon Goldson. Now with the concussion lawsuit and all these things, the league has made a plan. It's not going anywhere, in fact, they're going to emphasize it and punish it harder in this year. You've got to make an adjustment. ... Dashon knows they're not playing anymore."

As far the Bucs as a whole, Lynch said the team has the consolation of knowing they're so close to being 2-0, but because of the drama and headlines surrounding the team, it's imperative that the team find a win to defuse that atmosphere.

"It's tough to call, because you can see this thing going either way," Lynch said. "There's been so much drama off the field, the way they lost their first couple of games. There's been enough grumblings, and I think when there's smoke, there's fire, that players aren't happy with coaches. If you continue to lose and not get any wins, the situation could become toxic. This is the real test. You're at a crossroads for Greg Schiano: Can he gain the trust and respect of his team? Can he get the guys to buy into the way you're doing things? You need everybody going in the same direction, and nothing does that like a win. Getting a win here is absolutely critical."

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