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'Give me a break': Dirk Koetter's best quotes from 2015



One unappreciated part of the Bucs' hiring of Dirk Koetter as head coach is that he was wonderfully quotable and candid as an offensive coordinator last season, making reporters' jobs a little easier with more color and frankness than you might expect on the podium.

With that in mind, here are some of the best quotes from Koetter during the 2015 season ...

-- On his offense succeeding in amassing yards, but needing points (and wins) as the next step, late in the season:

"That's very simple. You've got to win games. You've got to find ways to win. We talked about it before: numbers are nice, numbers look good on those pieces of paper we talk about, but all that anyone gives a (crap) about in this league is Ws, alright. You've got to win games. I'm sorry. Excuse my language. I forget about this, just thinking I'm amongst friends here. I forget that this is going worldwide. Come on, give me a break, This is hitting Pocatello, Idaho, man. This is my hometown. My mom doesn't even know I know that word."

-- On a promising preseason from Doug Martin in August, foreshadowing the successful season Martin would have in earning Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors and finishing second in the NFL in rushing, as well as honesty about the back's best motivation:

"What Doug did in the game … that's how Doug's been practicing every day. That was not surprising. Doug definitely has a pep in his step and a smile on his face. … Contract year. We've all been there."

-- On his not relying too much on stats and analytics, questioned in November why he didn't throw to tight ends more when the Giants had allowed the most yards to tight ends of any defense in the NFL:

"I trust my eyes, okay? I watch the tape. I watch a lot of tape and I trust what my eyes tell me. So I don’t need a freaking piece of paper with a bunch of numbers on there to tell me something my eyes can see. I mean, not to get pissed off, but that whole thing of looking at a piece of paper and telling you how to call a football game is a freaking joke in my opinion. That’s why I watch tape. Half the stuff on that paper, you can sort those stats out any way you want to. But I’m sticking by eyes. It’s worked OK for me so far.''

-- On Jameis Winston wasting time arguing with opponents and officials when Koetter is trying to relay the call for the next play:

"It affects me negatively when I see him arguing. It pisses me off and then I'm cussing at him on the headset. The two backup quarterbacks reminded me of a play in the game where I accidentally had the button on and they could hear me cussing at him. Jameis is the leader of our offensive football team. The quarterback should be in complete control at all times. He's the guy that relays the information. He knows the play before everyone else. Everyone else is waiting for the information. What are we doing, and oh by the way, the clock's running. ... There's not five seconds to waste arguing with the ref or getting into a wrestling match with a d-lineman. There's no place for that."

-- On the impressive complexity of FSU's offense and how well it prepared Jameis Winston for the challenge of starting as a rookie quarterback, way back in May:

"I picked up their playbook and I started looking at it. Heck, Florida State was probably installing more stuff per day than we do. I've know about Jimbo Fisher and his style of offense for a long time. They truly do run an NFL-style system. They ask a lot of their guys, mentally. I think ... Jameis is as well-prepared as most any guy could be right now."

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