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Rounding up the Darrelle Revis story



Now that the Bucs have Pro Bowl safety Dashon Goldson signed and delivered, they can move on to other matters. One of those, you might presume, is Jets All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis, whom the Jets would like to trade.

But the truth is the teams are hardly close to making the deal.

That’s just some of what is beginning to trickle out of One Buc Place on the status of the Revis talks. But here’s another Revis fact: The Bucs are sincerely interested in having him. And it’s not out of the question it will happen. But a) it probably won’t happen in the short term and b) the Bucs aren’t going to put all their offseason hopes into the notion of acquiring him.

This isn’t a story that’s likely to come to conclusion soon, but let’s tie up all the loose ends based on what we know right now:

  • The Bucs aren’t terribly concerned about Revis’ knee. The key milepost in a player’s recovery from a torn ACL is the point at which he begins running again. Revis is at that point, meaning doctors can easily determine how his knee is responding to stress. If there are any issues, there will be excessive swelling, etc., which will make pinpointing a problem easier.

Assuming things are progressing like the Bucs expect, this won’t be the obstacle that sinks a potential deal.

  • The Bucs haven’t even begun to talk about what a new Revis deal would look like. That’s a key part of the equation, because any team that acquires Revis needs to ensure they lock him up. Revis’ current contract allows him to void the deal after the 2013 season, something he is almost certain to take advantage of.
  • One of the reasons the Bucs are even interested in Revis to begin with is that they are not enamored with the crop of free-agent cornerbacks on the market. There are obvious concerns about Atlanta’s Brent Grimes because of age and injury, the pricetag on the Dolphins’ Sean Smith appears to be dropping daily because he isn’t considered elite, and the remaining cornerbacks have been merely average to slightly above average.

The fact that so many of the big-name cornerbacks available have been slow to find takers tells you all you need to know about how teams view them. Despite cornerback being a premium position, they have been passed over by many clubs, some of which have need at the position.

Look for the Bucs to sign a cornerback at some point, though don’t be surprised if it’s not a guy with a household name.

  • One thing that suggests the Bucs will push to get Revis is their renewed organizational approach. It goes something like this: They’re going to pay top dollar for top players.

Goldson is one example. Vincent Jackson is another. There have been some questionable signings by the Bucs and other clubs in recent years where average players got salaries usually reserved for elite ones.

Applying this mantra to the Revis situation, you can see where the Bucs would be motivated to do something.

But, again, don’t go looking for this deal to happen at any moment. Because – for right now, at least – things aren’t at that point. And they might never get there.

[Last modified: Thursday, March 14, 2013 10:25am]


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