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Williams says he wants to prove Bucs made a mistake



Saying he wants to prove the Bucs made a mistake by trading him to the Buffalo Bills, receiver Mike Williams admitted he has to ‘grow up a little bit more.’’

Despite that acknowledgement at his introductory press conference with the Bills Monday, Williams insisted that he was guilty mostly of having a big heart and said two stories about his off-field problems weren’t factual. He refused to specify but claimed some of the charges against him were unfounded.

The spate of trouble surrounding Williams prompted the Bucs to trade their No. 2 receiver to the Bills Friday for a sixth-round pick in the NFL draft next month.

“I’m going to go out and prove they made a mistake and this is a great decision for the Buffalo Bills,’’ Williams said.

Williams was stabbed in his left thigh last month at the home he has since purchased in Avila. His brother, Eric Baylor, was charged with aggravated battery and domestic violence in the incident.

While Williams was a victim in stabbing incident, it wasn't the first time he had trouble at his home. While living in a 5,400-square-foot home in the Sanctuary on Livingston development in Lutz, Williams' lifestyle resulted in at least five calls to 911 from June to September last year, a lawsuit and threats of eviction. He agreed in September to pay more nearly $50,000 in damages, attorney fees and deposits.

Two weeks ago, Williams was approved to enter a pretrial intervention program to resolve misdemeanor charges of trespass and criminal mischief. He was accused of knocking a girlfriend's door off its hinges in December.

“I fell into a wrong mistake and there was a lot of other people who tried to take advantage of it,’’ Williams said. “You see how it came like back-to-back-to-back-to back. So it was two of them was made up, everything has been dropped.

“Two of them stories is actually made up.’’

When asked which ones, Williams refused to elaborate. “They don’t want me to talk about the stories so I’m not going to get into that,’’ he said. “But all cases were dropped. Two of the stories were actually made up. It was somebody trying to get over. His family was the people that came to the media and talked. It wasn’t even the neighbors.’’

Williams grew defensive when pressed why somebody would make up a story to potentially hurt him. “I don’t know. You guys do it all the time,’’ Williams told reporters. “That’s not no like shot at nobody, but sometimes somebody tries to flip a story to make it sound like one way when it’s really another way and trying to make a story out of something that’s really not nothing.’’

Williams made it clear from the start of his time at the home in Lutz, purchased by Warren Gold in 2005 for $845,500, that this fully furnished rental was a place to throw Gatsby-style parties.

"Its going down again," he wrote on his Facebook page the weekend he moved in shortly before the 2012 Bucs season. "The biggest house party of the year September 21 … most flights and hotels is paid by me alot of special guests will be there … everything free no catch."

Williams’ affiliation with the rap group Cave Man Gang led to him advertising for girls to appear in videos. A neighbor said when police opened the front door of the rental home in Lutz, he saw a stripper pole inside.

But Williams said one of his biggest mistakes was trying to help too many people and the troubles stemmed from him having too much of a ‘big heart.’’

“It was kind of like trouble found me, Williams said. “Somewhere where I didn't think trouble was at. It's just how I adjust to it. I'm a person that always falls down, get(s) back up. I'm sure you guys know about my career. It's, 'Oh he's down?' I'm going to get ack up. I’m going to keep on fighting. You're always going to get the great Mike on the field.”

A Buffalo native, Williams said playing for his hometown Bills is a dream come true. At 26, he said he needs more maturing to do.

“To answer your questions, yes, I do think I need to grow up a little bit more,’’ Williams said. “I think with me having a son, I think it makes me realize things a little bit more and how important it is and what type of future I have for him and my family. There are a lot of people depending on me, so, you're right, I do have to grow up.”





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