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Audio slideshow! Here comes USF-Syracuse



Get that man a lozenge! I knew my throat was sore Thursday when I recorded another edition of the Times' much-loved audio slideshows,  but listening to it again this morning, I sound pretty rough. Voice quality aside, it's the same winning formula for the audio slideshow -- lots of great Times photos, masterfully choreographed to me and Times online sports editor Frank Pastor talking about Saturday's game against Syracuse. And yes, that's tight end Andreas Shields enjoying the Vegas-style smoke-machine grand entrance the Bulls now get for home games.


It's a good reminder that Bulls fans should know the correct pronunciations for all the big Syracuse names. Head coach Doug Marrone is mah-ROAN -- don't put an "ee" on the end (like Jenna on 30 Rock). You might want to pronounce quarterback Ryan Nassib to rhyme with "Aqib" or "Talib" but it's NASS-ihb -- like you were saying "massive" but with a lot of congestion. And star running back Delone Carter pronounces his first name to rhyme with "LeBron." If you have trouble pronouncing top receiver Van Chew, well, I can't help you there.

Syracuse, by the way, has an awesome feature on its online media guide with videos of every player talking about their background, high school, family. Every school should do that.

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