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Back by popular demand: Leavitt Verbatim!



So I'm listening the other night to an archived clip of Jim Leavitt talking on the Dan LeBatard radio show on 790 The Ticket, and it's just annoying, because Leavitt, while saying nearly nothing, chatted for at least 10 minutes with LeBatard. A few hours earlier, he was in vintage form at the end of practice, giving four local reporters all of 73 seconds of post-practice interview before bolting on us. Again, it's begging to be transcribed, so here it is, unfiltered:

LEAVITT: Good practice. I don't have anything, unless you have specifics. (Pointing to reporters, rapid fire) Nothing, nothing ...

ME, interrupting: Will you plan any differently based on the two quarterbacks for UCF? Are you expecting to see one or the other? Does it change much?

LEAVITT: You have to prepare for both. They're both very good.

ME: Is there something one does different from the other?

LEAVITT: A little bit different. A little bit different. But they do have an offense set up where they can do the same things with both of them.

ME: Had you guys looked at (UCF backup QB Mike) Greco last year, out of Pearl River, in terms of recruiting?

LEAVITT: Well, he wanted to play quarterback, and Matt Grothe and Grant Gregory were here. He's a junior college player. Carlton (Hill) was a quarterback, so we had Carlton here. He's a very good athlete, Greco is. Anything else?


LEAVITT:  Not sure. Won't know, 'til probably warmups, day of the game.

NICK MURRAY, stringing for Daytona Beach: How's Nick Capogna feeling?

LEAVITT: We won't know til warmups.

NICK: If you had to say, could you project ...

LEAVITT: I won't know until warmups.

ME: Same with (Ryan) Schmidt? You know where he is right now?

LEAVITT: Schmidt? He's fine. He's been out (here) all week.

NICK: Is there a certain aspect of practice you thought went particularly well today?

LEAVITT (already walking away): I thought we all got out here, dressed, ready to go.

Woohoo! There you have it. It doesn't rival the epic 41-second Leavitt record set in August 2005, but good stuff. Nothing says "Thanks for stopping by" quite like a good "Anything else?" More links in a minute ...

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