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Blog flashback: The Grease Trucks!



FatCovering USF's third year in the Big East means making a second trip to all the league opponents the Bulls visited in their first season in the conference. This week, that means a trip to Rutgers, which we previewed two years ago by writing about the campus culinary concoction known as the Fat Sandwiches, served at five trailers on Rutgers' campus known as "The Grease Trucks."

Here's a link to the story I wrote back in 2005. I had to laugh re-reading it tonight a part lifted from a New Jersey newspaper that had interviewed a local dietition about the Fat Sandwiches:

At a time when national obesity is a concern, the sandwiches remain a hit with people who know they can't possibly be good for them. Last year, the Home News Tribune, a newspaper serving central New Jersey, interviewed Marcus Garand, a dietitian at a local hospital who had "weighed and analyzed" the sandwiches with predictable disapproval.

"This sandwich is like a nutritionist's worst nightmare," he told the newspaper. "I couldn't figure out a way to make it any unhealthier. ... This is probably the unhealthiest sandwich you could ever devise."

Garand estimated that the Fat Darrell contained 143 grams of carbohydrates, or roughly a full week's allowance under the Atkins Diet. Working off such a meal, he said, would require one to "walk briskly for six to seven hours."

I think I'm going to hit the Grease Trucks again for a late lunch/early dinner on Thursday afternoon. My wife, told of this, reminds me of my waist size. I tell her if I eat something really bad, but only once every two years, it's not that bad ...

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