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Bonus! Grammar discussion with Jim Leavitt



Because USF coach Jim Leavitt does his weekly press conference with the media on Tuesdays, the post-practice interview session on Tuesday nights is typically a quick, uneventful interchange, because we've asked most of our questions earlier in the day and Leavitt isn't likely to share updates on injuries and such.


So it's no surprise that Tuesday's discussion digressed briefly into a rare discussion about ... grammar, not something you get often from Leavitt. USF has the video up on its official site, and it's far more enjoyable when it's seen and heard, but here's the actual verbatim conversation.

Leavitt (talking about not doing a "Bull Bowl" scrimmage with younger players Wednesday): "We're not going to do that. We're getting better work right now getting those guys in with the 1s and 2s, kind of influxing them. Influx. The art of fluxing in? I don't know.

Me: We know what you mean.

Leavitt: Is that a word?

Me: It's a word. Just not necessarily a verb.

Leavitt: And I was using it as a verb. Influx. I wonder why I wouldn't be able to use it a verb.

Me: These days, you can pretty much make anything a verb.

Leavitt: These days, yeah, that's true, which is probably for some people sad. Influx. The art of influxing.

Me: Like an influx of players.

Leavitt: Influx of players. But there's movement there. So that would be a verb.

Me: Not really.

Leavitt: That would be an interesting discussion. I think I could debate whether influx is a verb or a noun.

Me: If you can find somebody that will tell you influx is a verb ...

Leavitt: I'm not going to pursue it. Personally, I'm going to look at film. Influx in my office after film.

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