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Buckley for 3: New diary from Melvin



Buck_1_1 USF senior forward Melvin Buckley is writing a diary for the blog from the Bulls' 12-day tour of Italy. Have a question or comment for Melvin? Send an e-mail to [email protected] and we'll make sure it gets to him ... 

“Can I get an encore? Do you want more?” In the words of -- let’s say it together -- Jay-Z, and the answer to his question is “Please.” We went to Venice after leaving Florence and just like the other Italian cities, it was simply breathtaking. Everything you’ve heard about and seen on TV was right there, the gondolas with the men in stripes driving a little boat through the water streets of Venice to the famous bell tower and church that happens to be over 900 years old, not to mention witnessing Venetian glass being made.

Oh, the next highlight of the day was Chris Howard getting pooped on by a pigeon. Ha-ha, "Bombs Away." He was pretty paranoid about it, so I won’t go into grave detail. Seeing these ancient structures still standing today after hundreds and thousands of years makes you think of how cheap we build structures in the U.S. I mean, these buildings were built from gold and marble.  Just incredible pieces of art that are still in great shape so we can enjoy the minds of that time.  Well, once again this kid from the south side of Chicago is signing off. Hey, if I made it here then anything can happen, and the next thing that happens to me Ill let you know. Ciao!

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