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Bucs' Galloway likes the Bulls to win



I'm driving to practice Monday night and listening to WDAE 620 AM, where Bucs receiver Joey Galloway does his weekly show with Steve Duemig. Sure enough, they're talking about the USF-West Virginia game, so I turn on my digital recorder while I'm driving.

Galloway's asking Duemig if he's confident USF can win outright. Duemig, whose general reference point on any given game is its point spread, sees the Bulls as touchdown underdogs and is hesitant to pick them outright to pull the upset.

GALLOWAY: I can't call Vegas. They don't bet apples. I have to walk into the locker room, eyeball to eyeball with my teammates, and feel good about it.

DUEMIG: You're putting me on the spot. You're going to blame me if they don't win.

GALLOWAY:  Absolutely. That's what you're here for.

DUEMIG: I've got a show to do the rest of the week, and I'm going to piss off all these USF fans if I tell you West Virginia's going to win the game. It's a tough job. West Virginia's going to win the game.

GALLOWAY: Boy, I hope they kill you all week for that.

DUEMIG: You baited me. I'll motivate them. You put the line in the water and I grabbed it and ran with it. Oh well. I think West Virginia will beat them. It'll be a very good game, though.

GALLOWAY: I'm excited. I'm looking forward to this game, and I'm going to go with USF to be honest with you.

Later ... GALLOWAY: "I'm going with the fact that the game is played here in Tampa. Everyone, including me, is excited about USF being ranked in the top 20. I'm going to go with the fact that we're going to pack the stadium. We're all going to be wearing green and we're all very excited for this game. I'm going to take USF."

DUEMIG: "Good luck."

Sounds like quite a few Bucs players have requested sideline passes for Friday's game, so it's getting to be such an event that you'll have celebrity sightings at Ray-Jay on Friday night.

[Last modified: Thursday, May 27, 2010 11:39am]


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