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Bulls Gameday Edition is back



Sub Was really proud that the Times did a full wrap around the regular Sports section for the West Virginia game last week, and it's back today as we preview Thursday night's USF-Rutgers showdown here in New Jersey.

I'm writing this to plug Brian Cassella's black-and-white portrait of USF's four defensive assistants -- Wally Burnham, Rich Rachel, Troy Douglas and Dan McCarney. We have a story on their unparalleled experience -- they combined for 116 years of college coaching, which is 30 years more than any other Big East defensive staff. There are only three defensive assistants in the Big East with more than 30 years in college football, and all three are on USF's staff. (Not to short Douglas, who's in his 18th year).

The photo shoot in USF's athletic facility was a fun one -- you can tell McCarney is the jokester of the group. The other three are silent as Cassella took a few minutes of shots, but McCarney's cracking them up. He asked if the pic would just be from the waist up -- all four were in shorts -- and then joked that the shoot was for Playgirl magazine. When Cassella said the swimsuit shoot would be next, McCarney said "Speedos!" and had everyone laughing. Part of their strength is the way they get along, the way they're all content to be part of a team effort, something that is passed along to their players.

While I'm throwing out  Times links, make sure to read Gary Shelton's column, a short piece on USF's recent road stumbles, our three keys to the game and our scouting report. Again, if you're reading this back in Tampa Bay and somehow aren't a subscriber, it's a great day to find a rack and pick up a Times. The links don't do the look of a section like this any justice.

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