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Can I get your name again, Coach?



Lots and lots of interviews this week, and today marked the final access to USF coach Jim Leavitt and Oregon coach Mike Bellotti. Easily my favorite interview came today, as Leavitt talked to a handful of reporters after his news conference and a TV crew from Univision walked up. Here's the well-intended conversation, verbatim:

Reporter: I'm from Univision here in El Paso. Can I get your name and title for the record, please?

Leavitt: My name's Jim Leavitt. L-E-A-V-I-T-T. Head football coach, University of South Florida.

Reporter: And can you tell us a little about what it means for you to come to El Paso to play in the Sun Bowl?

Leavitt: It means everything. To be able to play in one of the most premier, tradition-rich bowl games in the history of NCAA football is an absolute honor for us. The people in El Paso, the people involved with the Sun Bowl have been extraordinary with the way they've embraced us. The hospitality has been second to none. I've been to a number of bowl games. I've never been anywhere that I've seen better hospitality.

Reporter: (paraphrased) What do you want to do tomorrow?

Leavitt: Win a football game. What I want to do tomorrow is I want to win. Other than that, I don't really have any other plans.

Reporter: Perfect. Your name again, once more?

Leavitt: Jim Leavitt. Head football coach, University of South Florida.

Reporter: Thank you very much. Welcome to El Paso.

Leavitt: OK. Thank you.

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