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Can't muffle Leavitt's preseason enthusiasm



Funny story from USF coach Jim Leavitt, 140 characters at a time from his page:

"Went to a autoparts store with a USF shirt on. Great guy asked me if I have been to any Football Games. I said yes, I am excited to go."

"He told me about the offense USF has and how excited he was. Asked if I had tickets and whether I was going to the games."

"I told him I wouldn't miss any games and was excited for the season to start. Even got a discount because I was a USF student! Go Bulls!"

I remember when I gave up getting discounts with the old student ID from college ... like five years after graduation. Few more less amusing links:

-- The Tampa Sports Knucklehead -- hey, I've been called worse -- picks USF to go 8-4 and 4-3 in Big East.

-- More Solomon Jones. I guess the Pacers didn't officially announce signing until Thursday, but here's another link.

-- To follow up on that note on Indiana football coach Bill Lynch suggesting USF had bought its way out of a 2009 game at Indiana. USF has confirmed that no money was given to Indiana -- Bulls called and asked if the game could be moved to another year, and Indiana agreed. Lynch claimed it was "late in the spring," but the FSU game was announced on Jan. 7.

Indiana replaced USF with a game at Virginia, and probably should be commended for scheduling a nonconference BCS opponent. They've played just two in the past four seasons (losing to Connecticut, beating Kentucky), and in the same span, they've played five games against I-AA opponents. Last season, Indiana lost to a pair of MAC teams in Ball State and Central Michigan. This fall will be the first since 2004 that Indiana has more than one nonconference game on the road ...

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