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Could this be a new Sun Dome rendering?



We post this only because we recognize the volume of e-mail we get and blog comments we read and @replies on Twitter, asking regularly if we've seen any pics from USF of renderings of what the new Sun Dome, er, Corporate Sponsor TBA Arena will look like.


So it's with some intrigue that we find this PDF page on USF's official site, labeled as "Current Projects," and sure enough there's a pic of what the Sun Dome might look like -- granted, the same page shows it as being completed in December 2011, which is probably five or six months ahead of the likely completion date. Still, you can see the more complete lower bowl, the open area on the terrace level of one side of the arena, the center-hung scoreboard, a lot of the things USF has been mentioning but not picturing as the plans are still getting finalized. Use the "marquee zoom" and you can blow the pic up big enough to see a fair amount of detail. (This is about when USF folks text me and assure me the picture is highly conceptual and actually pulled from the late Clinton administration.)

If you check out the link, you'll also see some info on the new golf practice facility, which carries a $1.3 million price tag and is listed with a June 2012 completion date. Wild to think USF could be finished with this massive wave of facility upgrades in just seven months ...

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