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Dominique Jones quotes from Bucks workout

It's now three weeks and change until the NBA draft on June 24, and you see the disparity from team to team in the league -- some are hesitant to share which draft prospects are coming in for workouts, and others, like the Milwaukee Bucks, are kind enough to send out transcriptions of interviews after workouts.

So thanks to the Bucks and USF for passing along these quotes from Dominique Jones' workout today. You can also see a few pics of Jones on the Bucks' official site. Milwaukee has the 15th overall pick -- a little high for where Jones has generally been projected -- as well as the 37th and 47th in the second round.

Here's the interview -- it's a good way to catch up on how he's doing and what his mindset is entering the draft:

First, from Billy McKinney, the Bucks' director of scouting, on what he likes about Jones: “(He’s) strong, very good on the ball defender, he’s an excellent on the ball defender. As we watched him in the workouts, in the respective workouts in Minnesota as well as here, you can see that, in addition to his defense, another thing he does well is he’s a pretty good playmaker. He gets to the basket, I think that’s his strong suit right now, being able to beat the defense and get into the paint. His shooting, he shot the ball very well in his workouts. That was a question that I had personally during the year, how well he could shoot the basketball, but he really shot the ball well in his individual workouts.”

Now the Q&A with Jones ...

On the workout: “I felt it went good. It was a good workout, conditioning-wise and competitive-wise, this was my hardest one. They had us doing a lot of stuff. I was tired but overall it was a good workout.”

On if Milwaukee is a place he could see himself being drafted: “Oh yeah, I mean, this is a nice place. I like the environment, the basketball facilities, Coach (Scott) Skiles. He has that serious look, even when you’re on the court and everybody’s smiling, you look over there and he’s looking serious. That’s a good sign and I’d love to play for a coach like that.”

On what he’s trying to work on: “Just showing my ability to shoot the ball. People think I can’t shoot and go under screens, but I knocked down a couple jump shots going under screens. Basically just showing that I’m that combo role. I’m not a one, I’m not a two, but I can play both of them and be more valuable when it comes to being a player in the NBA.”

On where people project him to be drafted: “I don’t really look at that, I know one team is going to like me and it doesn’t really matter where I go. People have me projected first round, but when it all comes down to it, it doesn’t matter. I just want to be put in a situation where I have a chance to go out there and play and go to a team that needs me, that needs what I bring and put me on the court to learn on the court and just basically give me the opportunity. If I have that, I’m going to put my time in, I’m going to do my part. That’s basically all I want in my situation.”

On his workout schedule: “I just looked at my schedule and I had eight, this was my eighth one, not including the Chicago combine and I have 10 more to go. I wish the draft was tonight because it’s just traveling, traveling, traveling. I was looking at my schedule and one time, I had four in a row (and was in) four different cities in a row. But if it was easy, everybody would do it and you just have to deal with it. The fun part is just getting out on the court. You’re from hotel, to airplane, to cab, to wherever you’re from, but once you finally get on the court, you’re like OK finally, this is my free time, my time to do what I do best.”

On how the travel differs from college: “It’s very different. In the Big East, we didn’t have any teams (that were) Southern, so all the time we had to come up towards this area. The NBA is different. You might have a game over here, in Miami and then have to play in Atlanta the next night, but it’s something to get used to. It’s basketball, it’s the lifestyle and it’s a great experience.”

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