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Draft day is here: Your picks for USF's hopefuls



The new three-day NFL Draftapalooza starts with tonight's first round in prime time, and you guys have really taken to a fun idea of JupiterBull's, predicting the draft position of the six Bulls most likely to be selected this weekend.


JupiterBull has stepped up well, already drafting a spreadsheet that shows where 24 of you have picked the Bulls to be picked. Those of you who haven't made your best guesses can certainly do so here -- we'll take them up through 6 p.m., let's say, and then we'll close things off, even though there isn't any more than blog bragging rights on the line. Again, one point for each spot you're off by, and the lowest total points wins. I'll also give shoutouts to anybody who can nail more than one Bulls player exactly right.

So the newsy part of this is seeing the aggregate results to see exactly where you think the Bulls will be drafted. I'll have to re-crunch the numbers later this evening, but for now, there are some interesting results:

-- DE Jason Pierre-Paul: First round, 18th overall. This would be Pittsburgh -- can't say I've seen him mentioned there. My hunch is 15th to the Giants. Out of 24 entries, only one had JPP higher than 12th (one pick for Oakland at No. 8) and three picked him to fall into the early second round.

-- S Nate Allen: Second round, 45th overall. That's the Broncos. Of the 24 entries, 21 had Allen as the second Bull drafted -- one put him in the first round ahead of Pierre-Paul, and two picked him to go immediately after receiver Carlton Mitchell. Five of you picked him as a first-rounder, and our "outside the box" picker, Bulls Fan, has him No. 121.

-- WR Carlton Mitchell: Third round, 84th overall: It would be a Bengals pick, and my instinct is he'll go higher than this. In terms of generating a 50-50 response, few USF draft questions would be better than asking whether Mitchell or Jerome Murphy will be picked first. Ten of you see Mitchell as a second-round pick, while our outlier, Bulls Fan, has him No. 234 (he or she may have submitted this in January).

-- DB Jerome Murphy: Fourth round, 110th overall: That's a Dolphins pick, and I'd be a little surprised if Murphy were still around after Friday's second and third round. Again, there's a wide variety of opinion -- two of you picked him as a second-rounder, while Bulls Fan has him 221st. (he or she may have lost money on the Bulls at some point)

-- DE George Selvie: Fifth round, 153rd overall: The consolation is this would be a Bucs pick. Here's one you guys could pick up a lot of points on -- if you're wrong on Pierre-Paul, it might cost you 10 points, but if you're wrong on Selvie, it could cost you 100. Three of you picked him as a third-rounder, while one of you gave him the dreaded "256" -- our code for not getting drafted. As much as any of the USF players in the draft, I'm intrigued to see where Selvie will be selected.

-- LB Kion Wilson: Seventh round, 225th overall: Again, it's a Bucs pick, though they have five seventh-rounders, so statistically, I suppose that's not a shocker. Eight of you picked him to not get drafted at all, and two others were kind enough to make him "Mr. Irrelevant" as the final pick in the draft. Brian, the most optimistic of our panel, has Wilson in the late fourth round -- could pick up 100 points on most of the field by pegging that one.

-- I was torn in doing this game as to whether we should include QB Matt Grothe, who has made a strong recovery from knee surgery and put himself in position to be a late draft pick. It was more with an eye toward keeping this simple as opposed to any real slight against Grothe. Seventh-round picks aren't a huge gamble, so you could see Grothe or receiver Jessie Hester in there and I wouldn't be surprised.

More draft links to come, and again, feel free to offer up your six picks in the comments so you can have a little more fun with the draft this weekend -- I'll post a leaderboard on the blog after each day's picks.

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