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Facebook group asks Bucs to sign Grothe

It looks as though the pirate ship has already sailed, so to speak, but over the weekend, a group of Matt Grothe fans have mobilized enough to launch a Facebook fan page: "Make Matt Grothe a Buccaneer!"


It's always hard to get a real read on the significance of a Facebook number, but Grothe's group has picked up about 550 members in little more than two days. Keep in mind that when Grothe hurt his knee last fall, he had about 4,500 Facebook friends, so there's a substantial following that would naturally join such a group. (Hey, we're just flattered -- and/or calling our lawyers -- that they bogarted a Times picture of Grothe for their Facebook image.)

Grothe, of course, has always had a strong presence on Facebook -- we reported last fall on the tribute page his teammates set up for him (which bootlegged another Times pic!) after his season-ending injury, and the fun all started when UCF fans bombarded him in 2007 with a game called "Poke the Opposing Team's Quarterback."

As we reported earlier Monday, Grothe wasn't among the five undrafted tryout players that earned free-agent contracts from the Bucs. The second wave of free-agent signings made after the draft aren't necessarily about popularity, and don't often have significance on the final roster that lines up in September. Clearly, Grothe has his supporters in Tampa that would like to see him stick around long enough to get a chance in the preseason, but it looks like that isn't in the Bucs' plans right now. ...

Not to digress, but it's downright amusing how many Facebook groups are devoted in one way or another to current Bucs No. 3 quarterback Rudy Carpenter, going back to his days at Arizona State. There are 10 -- ten!! -- and while none have the sheer population of Grothe's new group, here are five:

5. Rudy Carpenter For Heisman (139 fans)

4. Get Rid Of Rudy Carpenter! (103 fans)

3. I (Strongly dislike) Rudy Carpenter (5 fans)


1. I Love Rudy Carpenter (25 fans)

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