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Few surprises in 1st USF spring depth chart



(UPDATE: USF has issued a "corrected" depth chart, with a few minor (if awkward) changes. Matt Floyd and Bobby Eveld (or Bobby Eveld and Matt Floyd, if you prefer) are now even as co-backups at quarterback. Walk-on Jake Carlton was added as a third-string tight end, and John McGhin (who had a few botched snaps Friday) was removed as the third-string center.)


(UPDATE UPDATE: USF has tweaked the depth chart one more time, switching Victor Marc and Terrence Mitchell at one of the receiver spots.)

USF coach Skip Holtz has released the first spring depth chart, following Friday's first spring scrimmage, with a few notable surprises among the starters and backups. Here's the depth chart, then we'll get to observations:

QB: B.J. Daniels, Matt Floyd OR Bobby Eveld

RB: Demetris Murray, Lindsey Lamar OR Marcus Shaw

WR: Andre Davis, Sterling Griffin, Chris Dunkley

WR: Ruben Gonzalez, Deonte Welch

WR: Victor Marc, Terrence Mitchell, Derrick Hopkins

TE: Evan Landi, Isaac Virgin, Jake Carlton

TE: Jeff Hawkins, Mike McFarland, Andreas Shields

LT: Mark Popek, Darrell Williams

LG: Damien Edwards, Steve Jacques

C: Austin Reiter, Thor Jozwiak

RG: Lawrence Martin, Brynjar Gudmudsson, Danous Estenor (injured)

RT: Quinterrius Eatmon, Max Lang


DE: Ryne Giddins, Tevin Mims, Eric Lee

DT: Cory Grissom, Todd Chandler

DT: Luke Sager, Elkino Watson

DE: Julius Forte, Anthony Hill

SLB: Sam Barrington, Reshard Cliett

MLB: Michael Lanaris, DeDe Lattimore

WLB: DeDe Lattimore, Mike Jeune, Antoine Pozniak

CB: Kayvon Webster, George Baker

SS: JaQuez Jenkins, Ernie Tabuteau, Spencer Boyd

FS: Mark Joyce, Trevon Griffin, Jon Lejiste (injured)

CB: Fidel Montgomery, Kenneth Durden, Josh Brown


PK: Maikon Bonani

P: Mattias Ciabatti, Justin Brockhaus-Kann

KO: Marvin Kloss

LS: David Burdetsky


-- Surprised to see Davis ahead of Griffin, though the latter dropped an easy deep touchdown Friday and Davis caught one, so it could be as simple as that. There's some messages being sent, like having Shields as a third-string tight end, and Lattimore taking the place of an actual backup middle linebacker. I hadn't seen or heard much from Gonzalez, so surprised to see him ahead of Welch, who should be a big contributor in the fall.

-- Impressed to see two of the January junior college transfers, Martin and Montgomery, lined up as starters already. Holtz was hoping to get key holes filled with those guys, and they seem to have given him that. Another, Mims, is a top backup at defensive end.

-- Interesting to see Floyd listed ahead of Eveld in the battle to back up Daniels, but that's a battle that will continue through September. Floyd looked sharper on Friday, though Eveld didn't get help from receivers in terms of bad drops on catchable passes.

-- Not surprised to see a freshman walk-on, Ciabatti, ahead of two scholarship veterans at punter in Brockhaus-Kann and Chris Veron. Job is now Ciabatti's to lose, and it's worth mentioning that he could grab the holding job on kicks as well.

-- Freshman DE Eric Lee, who started classes in January, showed enough to sneak in as a third-teamer, and impressed to see Pozniak make it as a third-string LB ahead of the other freshmen, Caprice, Bullock and Hamilton. Veterans who didn't make the depth chart? Demi Thompson, Bradley Battles, Stephen Bravo-Brown, Hans Louis and Jake Kaufman. ...

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