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The fouling game: Hold your breath!



This is mean, but I'll share.

When center Konimba Diarra played at USF, I used to kid that when he entered the game as a sub, you could hold your breath and not inhale until he committed a foul. It's a dumb stunt, but was good for a laugh, even if you turned blue and passed out courtside as the Bulls had the ball on offense too long. Say what you will about Diarra -- and his stats at College of Charleston are really more like bad GPAs -- 2.6, 1.8, something along those lines -- but the guy could foul as fast as anybody.

Zaronn Cann's only played two games in returning from a 14-month absence following knee surgery, but he's been that kind of super-quick fouler. Last game, he got four fouls in 11 minutes, and tonight, he came in, picked up an offensive foul on the first possession, then got his second 11 seconds later trying to block a driving layup. The only time I saw Cann play in high school, he barely played in a playoff game, unable to play a significant stretch of time without committing a foul. I think Cann can help the Bulls in the post next year, but he still needs to work on controlling himself to stay out of foul trouble.

Melvyn Richardson's in the game for the Bulls. (Inhaling).

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