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Full disclosure: My AP Top 25 ballot



Just filed another top 25 ballot for the Associated Press poll, but the fun question to ponder for a few hours on Saturday afternoon was how high to rank Arkansas had the Razorbacks been able to knock off No. 1 Alabama, perhaps even convincingly. I think Ohio State and Boise State would have wound up ranked ahead, but could see some voters giving Arkansas the No. 1 vote they had given to Alabama.


The biggest question is where to rank the one-loss teams -- I have Miami a bit higher than most voters, but when I looked at Miami vs. LSU for the No. 10 spot in my ballot, I saw the Hurricanes dominate Pittsburgh on the road while LSU barely edged West Virginia at home. I also didn't think Arkansas should fall too far for a close loss to a No. 1 team, but I don't see a huge win on Arkansas' schedule -- getting a close road win over a Georgia team that is now 1-3 and might not even make a bowl doesn't seem as impressive now.

The Big East has dropped completely off the top 25 radar -- might not even get a vote this week -- and I had lots of good options for the last two spots in my poll. Tons of solid 4-0 and 3-0 teams, but I went with N.C. State (with solid wins against Cincy and Georgia Tech) and Nevada (same vs. Cal and BYU) over Michigan State (whose best win is in overtime vs. Notre Dame) and the Big 12's tempting unbeatens -- Missouri, Oklahoma  State, Kansas State and Texas A&M -- who should sort each other out in the next two weeks.

Here's the ballot -- have at it with your comments and thoughts. Great to get the feedback here and on Twitter. ...

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Oregon
4. Boise State
5. TCU
6. Florida
7. Oklahoma
8. Nebraska
9. Wisconsin
10. Miami
11. LSU
12. Utah
13. Auburn
14. Stanford
15. USC
16. Arkansas
17. Arizona
18. Michigan
19. Texas
20. South Carolina
21. Penn State
22. Iowa
23. Florida State
24. N.C. State
25. Nevada

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