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Full disclosure: My AP Top 25 ballot



It's a strange thing, figuring out an AP Top 25 ballot while in the waiting area of a county jail. Can't write as much about my ballot this week as it's been a busy morning, but some tough calls to make in sorting out this weekend's high-scoring games.


First, where to put Washington? Direct results say they should be ahead of Stanford, which should be ahead of USC, but the Huskies lost 41-3 to an LSU team that was tested far more by Auburn, and for that matter, Towson. I put the Huskies 15th, making them the second-best one-loss team, with Stanford just behind and USC two spots behind them. For voters who have the Trojans higher, I'll ask why: Their best wins are mediocre games against Syracuse and Cal, and their loss looks worse than it did two weeks ago.

Why is Florida ahead of Georgia and South Carolina? Better wins. The win at Texas A&M looks stronger now, and UF's 37-20 win at Tennessee looks more convincing than Georgia's 51-44 slugfest. And Georgia's 48-3 dismantling of Vanderbilt stands out next to South Carolina's 17-13 win, even if that was on the road.

Bottom of the poll is always tricky -- with Michigan State losing again, Boise State looks worse for having lost to them, with only a 7-6 win against BYU to justify a national ranking. I dropped them out, as well as Michigan State. That leaves two spots, and I went with Nebraska (which beat Wisconsin) and Cincinnati (which edged Virginia Tech). Hard to put them in ahead of an unbeaten Northwestern team, but they just haven't played anyone that good yet, so they're on the outside looking in with other undefeateds like Texas Tech and Louisiana Tech.

Here you go -- I look forward to your comments and criticisms ...

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. FSU
4. LSU
5. Notre Dame
6. Kansas State
7. Florida
8. Georgia
9. South Carolina
10. West Virginia
11. Texas
12. Ohio State
13. TCU
14. Clemson
15. Washington
16. Stanford
17. Oregon State
18. USC
19. Louisville
20. Oklahoma
21. Mississippi State
22. Rutgers
23. UCLA
24. Nebraska
25. Cincinnati



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