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Full disclosure: My AP Top 25 ballot



Tough call near the top of the poll -- I gave a long look at moving Auburn ahead of Boise State and TCU, seeing that the Tigers have faced such a tougher schedule in maintaining their perfect record. Auburn's opponents are 37-23 this year, and the Tigers have beaten four teams in my current top 25; TCU's I_A opponents are 25-29, and the only win against a current ranked opponent would be my new No. 25 Baylor, who entered my poll somewhat by default; Boise's opponents are 20-27, with Virginia Tech as the only currently ranked opponent.


In the end, I chose to keep Auburn No. 4, seeing that the Tigers' defense has allowed 114 more points than either TCU or Boise, but I rank them that way with the understanding that if Auburn can win at Alabama, it's probably enough to move them up to No. 2 in the rankings. TCU still has Utah to validate itself, and I continue to be underwhelmed by the teams Boise is facing.

How far to move up Missouri? I chose No. 7, moving them up one last spot after reminding myself how little Utah has really shown -- its opponents are 14-39 this year, with Pittsburgh and Iowa State as the only nationally relevant wins. Missouri's opponents are 26-17 and all of them have at least three wins, and beating Oklahoma gives them the highest ranked opponent beaten among the undefeated teams.

How far down to move Oklahoma State? I had them higher than most voters, and giving up 51 points to Nebraska means they've allowed 214, easily the most of the zero- or one-loss teams. I initially had them 19th, but slid Iowa and Mississippi State ahead of them -- both of those have only lost to teams ahead of them in the polls, with wins against ranked teams, something Oklahoma State lacks. The only one-loss team not to be rankes is Nevada, but they've lost to Hawaii, who I strongly considered before going with Baylor after the Bears beat Kansas State.

1. Oregon

2. Boise State

3. TCU

4. Auburn

5. Michigan State

6. Alabama

7. Missouri

8. Utah

9. Wisconsin

10. Oklahoma

11. LSU

12. Ohio State

13. Nebraska

14. Stanford

15. Florida State

16. Arizona

17. South Carolina

18. Arkansas

19. Iowa

20. Mississippi State

21. Oklahoma State

22. Virginia Tech

23. Miami

24. USC

25. Baylor

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