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Gameday fun, no disrespect intended



The local paper here in Morgantown, the Dominion Post, has a gameday section called "GoalPost." About as big a gameday coverage as you can ask for, and WVU understandably dominates this sports section a lot like the Gators in the Gainesville paper. They don't put their stuff online, so I'll share a fun page they include, ostensibly, to fire up fans from both schools. It's called "From the Mind of Eric: Game Day Mayhem from Eric J. Tomlinson." Little cartoon has a bull rampaging toward Morgantown, only to come to a screeching halt: the last frame as a glowing WVU logo and the words "Come on bullie, it's branding time!" Again, this is all intended to be fun, so if I include the feedback e-mail ([email protected]), I'll warn fans not to take it too seriously. That said, there's a faux Q&A interview with "The USF Bull." An excerpt:

A: ... I've been watching game film of WVU and I gotta tell ya, it scares the living crap out of me.

Q: Yeah, I hear that a lot. You look a little frail. Have you been sick?

A: Not sick. Unable to eat. I've been staying up all night long for the last week, trying to figure out a way to stop the Mountaineer offense.

Q: Any luck?

A: Yes, actually.

Q: Really? Pray tell.

A: OK. Well the way I see it, Pat White is the key.

Q: Go on.

A: White seems to key on the defensive end in his zone read plays. So I figure I can put in a few gimmick defenses to try and confuse him. I'll move the defense around and have everyone slant toward Slaton. This will ultimately render White useless because of the confusion factor.

Q: Have you even heard of the Pittsburgh Panthers?

(I'll stop the transcript here, though they sneak in the line "Oh, man, you guys are toast" later on). This is a confident group here in Morgantown, and if you look at their recent home win streak, it's easy to see why, regardless of who's coming to town. It's harmless fun, but I'm curious whether this makes its way to the team hotel up in Washington, Pa., this morning, or into the Bulls' motivation at noon. ...

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