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Holtz interview from 'College Football Live'



USF football picked up a little national spotlight on Wednesday night, as coach Skip Holtz did a phone interview on ESPN's "College Football Live." After talking for a full 33 minutes in answering questions about his fall roster Wednesday afternoon, he seemed downright delighted to be finished with the interview in less than three minutes. It's often you can transcribe an entire Holtz interview verbatim, but we can handle this one, so here you go:


ESPN: What should we expect from South Florida this season?

Holtz: It is an exciting time of year, all the players showing up today and having the opportunity to start practice tomorrow. Right now, I'm really excited to see what we're going to have, how much improvement we made from spring practice to now, with the players understanding what we're trying to do as an offense and defense and special-teams unit. I'm really excited about it. Obviously, there's some experience on the offensive line and with B.J. Daniels, the young quarterback who's returning this year, and Mo Plancher at tailback. We've got a lot of question marks on defense. I think we have some pieces of the puzzle, but it's going to be interesting to see how it all comes together.

ESPN: You haven't coached a game yet, although you've gotten the lay of the land going through the spring session. What's been better, and what's been more challenging about the job than you expected when you first agreed to take over?

Holtz: One of the big challenges has been, you talk about the 12th-largest media market and all the positive things going on here in Tampa, which is a great little feather in your cap. At the same time, you realize that requires a lot of interviews and a lot of time, going around to a lot of the different radio stations and television stations and things like that. It's been a very busy offseason. As great as it's been, as positive as it's been, it has been very, very hectic in everything we've been through. I probably haven't been able to devote the amount of time to the football on the field probably as I would like to. I think so many of the positive things you talked about, it's what I thought it would be, obviously it's Tampa, the recruiting base, having this many people close to you that come to practice and show up in your office and come by, a lot more interaction with people than we did when I was at East Carolina. The ninth-largest university, Raymond James Stadium has been just an incredible piece of this puzzle. There are an awful lot of positives, and at this point, just from a negative standpoint is experience and just having some of the players we need to put in place in order to be as productive as we want to be on the field.

ESPN: Coach, thank you very much for the time. We'll catch up with you again soon. Have a good fall.

Holtz: That was easy. Thank you very much.

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