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Holtz nuggets: Looking ahead to spring football



I'm here at Steinbrenner Field, where USF is playing Miami in the Florida Four -- I'll be covering the night game between Florida and FSU as well. I had the chance this morning to drive over to Lakeland and hear Doug Woolard and Skip Holtz talk at a GrayRobinson Community Leader Forum at the Lakeland Yacht & Country Club.


It's easy to fill a notebook when Holtz gets going -- I don't want to share all his best lines, just in case some of you hear him talk this summer, but he did make a quick trip through the offense and defense, talking about the young but promising team he'll start spring practice with on Thursday. A few highlights ...

-- Joking about why he didn't tell his QBs who was starting the bowl game in Charlotte until immediately before kickoff: "For B.J. (Daniels), I don't want him to get content. For Bobby Eveld, I don't want to have to wear gold pants because he pees all over himself."

-- On the value of making every starter feel their job is being contested: "We tell the Wally Pipp story all the time. The young man tells the manager, 'You know, I'm a little sore today, why don't you give the young guy Lou Gehrig an opportunity to go today. Two thousand three hundred eighty-seven games later, Lou Gehrig came out of the lineup. I say to my team all the time, Wally Pipp's out here. They start looking around: 'I ain't going to be Wally.'"

-- On running back Darrell Scott, the transfer from Colorado: "Darrell Scott, I think, is a freak show. He's about 6-2, 235 pounds. He looks great. He's big, he's strong, he's physical. He can run. I think he's really going to bring something to the offense. But there's great competition there right now."

-- On his TV habits: "Somebody said 'What's your favorite sitcom?' I have not turned a TV on that didn't have 206 on. It's on SportsCenter. It's what my television stays on. If it's not that, it's a how-to book about leadership and attitude. Those are the things that excite me."

-- Here's a Skip mainstay: "If what you're capable of doing is determined by your talent, if what you actually do is determined by your motivation, then how well you do is determined by your attitude."

-- On his 2011 team: "When I look right now at this football team, one of the things that excites me the most is the attitude they have. I don't know that I've been around a football team in an awful long time that has worked as hard as this one. ... It excites me not because we have some talent, not because they're really motivated, but the attitude they have. You listen to them work together and compliment each other and pick each other up, encourage each other. There's so many positive team-building things going on right now. That's what gets me so excited about where we're going."

-- Another good one: "My father taught me when I was young that if what you did yesterday seems big to you, it just means you haven't accomplished anything today."

-- More talk about freshman tackle Quinterrius Eatmon: "He's a freshman, down to about 315 pounds. He came in at about 370. He looks great. He's changing his body. All the sudden, he's cut all the sleeves out of all his shirts. He looks like Larry the Cable Guy now. You have the right to bare arms, you know."

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