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I'm asking for trouble with this



From a karma standpoint, I feel awkward, guilty even sometimes, laughing at Jay Leno's "Headlines" feature. It's really the only thing Leno does that makes me laugh -- I'm a hard-line Letterman guy -- but as somebody who works in newspapers, it's a bit cannibalistic to crack up at mistakes in newspapers.

That said, for the second time in a week, I'm pointing out a silly mistake in another paper. And just to be fair, I'll 'fess up that for some reason (I still have no idea how or why) I called USF offensive lineman Matt Huners "Clay Huners" in a note I filed last week. I'm honestly sorry and wish I could say it would never happen again. It's embarrassing. It happens to the best of us.

So it's with that humility that I point out that the Orlando Sentinel, a fine newspaper for which I was proud to work while I was in college, has a one-line note in Monday's editions that mentions Stan Heath's first commitment ... and calls him Orange Chin. It's really Orane, but that's just awesome. It's probably a bad case of Spellcheck Gone Wild (or maybe overzealousness with Chee-tos) and again, I'm really begging for a similarly embarrassing honest mistake to happen to me very soon by pointing this out. It's just too much fun not to share.

And if next season there's a section of rabid USF students that paint their goatees orange (I politely will decline, citing ethics) in tribute to their favorite freshman forward, I will defer all credit to the Sentinel. I think I can qualify for an assist.

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