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Leavitt vs. chocolate milk: Must-see video



Bunny  We interrupt any serious, newsy part of the blog to bring you what has become a random highlight of post-practice interviews at USF: coach Jim Leavitt trying to tear his way into a bottle of chocolate milk.

USF signed on with Nesquik last year as the program's "official flavored milk" -- flavored, because the strawberry ones are just as coveted by players, who get a free one as they walk off the practice field every day. Interviews with Leavitt typically take place right next to the cooler of cold milks, so the video clips of those interviews at end up looking like commercials.

Tuesday's is especially funny -- you can check it out here -- and I'd encourage you to move along to the 6:55 mark, where Leavitt, realizing the cooler is being trucked away, asks for a chocolate, then spends the better part of two minutes trying to get the plastic seal off the top, gnawing on it between answers.

You might remember Leavitt talking about chocolate milk at length last October (yes, used the same bootleg bunny pic there). I dare say he likes chocolate milk more than my 3-year-old daughter, and I can't say that for many people. It's outstanding stuff, and it's just good journalism to pass it along to you readers.

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