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If I don't do a link post every day or two, I wind up with like 12 browsers open on my laptop as reminders  that I need to link to stories. Then the laptop crashes and I have to remember all of them. I should mention that I still don't have a "y" key on the laptop, which makes me all the more selective with adverbs.  No shortage of things to link to these days ...

--'s new Big East blogger, Brian Bennett, writes that USF has the conference's best chance to go undefeated and could open 8-0 (the ninth game is that quick-turnaround game at Cincy). Only 28 percent of voters on the site's poll agree that USF will go 8-0. That could just be Tennessee-Martin mobilizing its fan base online.

--College Football News has national position rankings, some of them featuring Bulls pretty high. Tyrone McKenzie is the No. 7 linebacker in the country -- which would bode well toward next year's draft -- and George Selvie is the nation's No. 3 defensive end. (Amazingly, that could be taken as a slight.) Nate Allen is the No. 12 safety. They're just starting to roll out offensive rankings, with Matt Grothe the No. 13 quarterback.

-- From the Entirely Too Much Free Time Dept., the folks at calculated the round-trip mileage every college football team's road trips this season. Cool to know that Fresno State will travel 10 times as many miles as N.C. State. USF, so you know, is No. 42, and for all the complaints about travel in the Big East, the Bulls apparently travel 2,500 miles less than Miami, 5,500 miles less than Central Florida, and 7,000 miles less than Florida Atlantic or Florida International.

-- And I thought I was stat-crazy. The blogger at has his Big East preview, loaded with obscure statistical rankings -- USF ranked ninth nationally in "Close Game Line Yards" and such. His prognosis is that "USF's ceiling isn't as high as West Virginia's (or possibly Rutgers' or Cincy's)."

-- Second day in a row Jim Leavitt's made it into a Bob Stoops story in Oklahoma. Today, it's Sooners AD Joe Castiglione recalling how Leavitt was the guy who introduced him to Stoops at a Kansas State-Missouri game when Leavitt and Stoops were on Bill Snyder's staff.

-- USF is asking not just all Bulls fans but the entire Tampa Bay area to "Go Green" for the Kansas game, and yes, if you don't own anything green, there will be shirts available for purchase.

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