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Links, notes, charts from USF-Pitt



You've already seen the game story, but here are some links to stuff in Sunday's paper -- our notebook, leading with the disappearing USF running backs, Kerry Klecic's sidebar on early offensive penalties, and a story from Tom Jones, who followed the ESPN crew during last week's USF-Cincinnati game.


Most obscure record broken today? USF ran only 46 offensive plays, which is five fewer than the previous record in 13 seasons of USF football.

We told you that USF's 212 yards of total offense was the Bulls' worst showing since the Miami game in 2005, but I went through all 146 games in USF history to see how the "yardage differential" -- USF's total offense vs. its opponent's -- ranked for the Bulls.

Not only was USF held to 212, but the Bulls gave up 486 yards, so the net difference was 274 yards against USF. That's the worst differential in more than five years, going back to two games in 2004. Here are the top 10 worst games for USF in yardage differential:

1. -397   Arkansas         2002 (150/547)
2. -339   South Carolina 2004 (191/530)
3. -314   Louisville         2004 (203/517)
4. -312   Kentucky        2000 (215/527)
5. -274   Pittsburgh       2009 (212/486)
6. -266   Memphis        2003 (192/458)
7. -254   Cincinnati       2004 (323/577)
8. -209   Oregon           2007 (324/533)
9. -198   Southern Miss 2000 (151/349)
10. -197   Illinois State   1999 (140/347)

-- USF's offense was credited with 11 first downs, though I only count 10 in the play-by-play. The school-record low is seven, but it's also worth noting that the Bulls had just four first downs in the second half against Cincinnati. That's a rough game and a half -- B.J. Daniels has one touchdown and four interceptions in the two losses. And after forcing 11 turnovers against Florida State and Syracuse, USF's defense has just one takeaway in each of the last two games.

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