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Melvin's back: Diary No. 2 from Italy



Buck_1 USF senior forward Melvin Buckley checks in with his second diary entry from the team's 12-day tour of Italy.

“Change clothes and roll,” right? That’s another Jay-Z song. I know it’s getting redundant, but come on, it’s my favorite rapper. Change clothes and roll was exactly what we did after another Roman day of seeing the Pantheon, the Spanish Stairs, and other ancient ruins. Julius Caesar’s house was crazy -- MTV cribs would have had a ball with this one, I mean, who puts their own Coliseum in their backyard? It was amazing the same fountains that produced fresh water back then still did so; I have to say I was definitely helping myself, too. 

The next morning is when we did the changing clothes and rolling thing and took a three-hour trip to our next city, Florence. All I have to say about Florence is wow! Women, food, sights, everything keeps your head on a swivel, just breathtaking. We saw a 17-foot representation of David done by Michelangelo, but how can you take three years and sculpt an amazing 17-foot statue with no model, a hammer, and a small chisel? I’ll never be able to comprehend it. Well, once again, who’d think this kid from Chicago would end up a world traveler? Anything can happen, but I’ll let you know that next thing that happens to me. Ciao!

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[Last modified: Thursday, May 27, 2010 11:14am]


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