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More fun: New roster weights!



As a blog, we're always intrigued by roster weights, because more often than not, they're just flagrant lies. The skinny kids never show up as skinny as they really are, the really big guys are never quite as really big in the media guide. Full disclosure: My driver license says I'm 5-foot-11; my wife insists I'm no taller than 5-10. I'll just say she's shorter than I am.

So it's exciting to see that USF"s online roster has been updated to reflect authentic, actual weights -- well, authentic-er, actual-er weights, anyway. Which gives us time to compare the new numbers with what USF had players listed at when the fall media guide came out, back July-ish, and go all Jenny Craig on 'em.

I only took down the names of players whose weights shifted by 10 or more pounds, but that still covered 38 Bulls -- 16 who dropped 10 or more pounds and another 22 who added at least 10. With the help of a scientific calculator, you guys can figure out the rest on your own ...


10. (+13 pounds): QB Matt Grothe (213), OT Joe Herzhauser (263), OT Walt Walker (333)

8. (+14): WR Taurus Johnson (204), P William Criswell (174)

5. (+15): RB Mike Ford (225), QB Alton Voss (225), OG Matt Huners (305).

4. (+20): DL Matt Aycox (240)

3. (+21): P/K Delbert Alvarado (196)

2. (+22): OG Ryan Schmidt (327)

1. (+25): DT Alonzo McQueen (255)


10. (-11 pounds): WR Marcus Edwards (164), DT Kyle Dampier (254)

8. (-13): DE Woody George (237), OT Thomas Edenfield (297)

5. (-14): RB Aston Samuels (176), CB Jerome Murphy (176), LB Houston Hess (206).

3. (-15): OT Jacob Sims (265), TE Quincy Okolie (230)

2. (-18): LB Donte Spires (222)

1. (-29): DT Allen Cray (266)

Congrats to walk-on WR David Cozzo, now the lightest Bull at 160 pounds; tackle Walt Walker more than doubles him as the biggest Bull at 333. And props to the four Bulls who grew an inch as a result of these changes: tight ends Andrew Ketchel and Quincy Okolie and offensive linemen Ryan Schmidt and Jacob Sims.

There you have it. Again, being a fair guy, I had a doctor's appointment today, and the nurse was nice enough to round down to 181. Thoughts? Not so much on my weight, but these guys? Again, remember that it doesn't mean they've changed weight; it means their listed weight has changed.

[Last modified: Thursday, May 27, 2010 11:37am]


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