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Teavee_2 I like colorful metaphors. I'm all for pop-culture references. But for the love of Augustus Gloop, I can't keep up with the Carrboro Citizen, a paper near Chapel Hill that tries to compare the joy of watching UNC quarterback T.J. Yates throw a pass to Mike Teavee from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and the Willy Wonka films. Seriously. I've got to bookmark that guy, just to see if he can pull off a "James and the Giant Peach" allusion in coming weeks. Hornswogglers!

-- Again, for you young bloggers: copy all (control-A, control-C) before you click on "post," lest the @#$*% gremlins eat an entire hour's worth of link assemblage and rude comments. Man, that leaves a mark when that happens.

-- Because bloggers help bloggers: two state fan blogs do their state rankings, putting USF second and UCF third. has their rankings, and put Miami fifth and was "tempted" to drop the 'Canes below Florida Atlantic. Methinks that was before the Texas A&M win.

-- The Butch Davis/Miami connection has South Florida caring more about USF this week. The Palm Beach Post has a USF-UNC story, and the Miami Herald sent staff writer Joseph Goodman to Tampa on Tuesday for a story. Good stuff there, writing that USF has the same swagger Miami used to be known for. And yes, Matt Grothe likes the Chick-fil-A.

-- The Centre Daily Times of Pennsylvania rips apart some AP voters but has praise for Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News for ranking no "Big LEast" school higher than 15th. Maybe I'm too kind, but hard for me to call people I don't know "dumb" and "losers." Now people I know are fair game. ...

-- Even the Kansas City Star has a big story on the rise of Florida's up-and-coming programs. Jim Leavitt sure doesn't like to be lumped in with UCF, FIU and FAU -- sounds like somebody who had to sit at the kids' table at a few too many family gatherings. "Don’t categorize us with those schools," Leavitt tells the Star. "There are four BCS schools in the state of Florida: Florida, South Florida, Florida State and Miami. Nobody else is in that room." Also has a quote from Bobby Bowden I heard on the radio this week, about USF being ranked and FSU and Miami not in there: "Looks funny, don’t it?" Bowden says. "Well, not to us. They deserve it. Our goal now is to get back up there."

-- UNC has a great student paper, The Daily Tar Heel. When I was in college, I proudly covered Vince Carter's college announcement in Daytona Beach for DTH, and nearly went to UNC after going to high school in Raleigh. Having said all that, I'll quote their game preview: "The good news for the Tar Heels is that South Florida doesn't have an all-star running back or receiver to dominate the game." One more line that might not look good Sunday: "UNC knows it can have success throwing the ball to put up points." Of course, after all that, they pick USF to win, 28-14.

-- More soccer! With tonight's big home game against No. 2 UConn, Huskies coach Ray Reid continues to lay on the Lou Holtz man-they're-really-good strategy. "USF probably has the best team in the league," Reid told The Daily Campus, UConn's student paper. "We're just going to go down there and try to keep the game close." His team hasn't given up a goal in its last five matches.

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