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Morning links: Hendrick's recovery and more



I'll start off with a link to a story in Thursday's Times on USF special-teams coach John Hendrick and how he's changed -- if slightly -- in the year since he suffered a heart attack last summer.


-- Good story in the Boston Globe about how former USF linebacker Tyrone McKenzie's contract with the Patriots is groundbreaking in allowing an injured player a real chance to get back some of the money lost as a result of a football injury sustained before a contract was signed.

-- Lots more being written about Jim Leavitt and his top 25 ballot -- give USF credit for getting a lot of exposure out of this story as the first school to make a ballot public since announced its public-records requests.'s Andy Staples writes about that: "That's precisely the correct attitude," Staples writes of USF's response.

-- I think you'll find a lot of coaches' ballots will look like Leavitt's, with higher rankings for teams in a coach's conference, but for now, Leavitt's bearing the weight of that. Blogger Heath Cline writes:

"Does anyone want to make the case that this vote is based on a true ranking of the best 25 teams as opposed to what would be best for Jim Leavitt's personal agenda? I doubt it. So why should this kind of thinking have any role in the BCS process?"

-- This Alabama blogger calls Leavitt's ballot "an absolute joke." Funny how the folks in Tallahassee or around other schools voted high on Leavitt's ballot don't seem to object as much ...

--'s Brian Bennett writes about Leavitt's explanation of his ballot, with a good point: "There is really no right or wrong in a preseason ballot -- who's to say the Bulls won't be a Top 25-team this year? -- so this is more amusing than anything else," he writes. Lots more from Bennett from a chat he did Wednesday.

-- Another Where Are They Now update: Remember walk-on receiver David Cozzo? He made it onto the field with the Bulls in 2007, but is now at Massachusetts as a defensive back.

-- has a football poll compiled from 100 bloggers -- no Big East schools until No. 32, with USF checking in at No. 37, part of a run of five Big East schools in six spots. You couldn't create a logjam like that if you tried ...

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