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OK. I gotta call in a raincheck here. Noon kickoffs are great for deadlines, but you don't have that get home and it's-already-late-so-I'll-get-the-blog-in thing going. I know you guys are used to the postgame ramblings, and I'll get 'em up first thing tomorrow. Flog me senseless in the comments section, I know. I'll have links and musings and all that ... after I get some sleep. Still crazy that four of the top eight teams lost. All that complaining about who's on the outside looking in on the national championship game, and a lot of teams kinda solved their problems in the wrong way. Congrats to Louisville, Texas, Auburn and Cal for clearing up the 1 vs. 2 picture a bit. And did Florida State really lose 30-0 to Wake Forest?

[Last modified: Thursday, May 27, 2010 11:17am]


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