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Post-Auburn linkage: What they're saying



Lots of links this morning. Clearly, I'm not the only one writing about the Bulls these days. I'll start with my own paper's stuff today -- a follow-up on USF's big win at then-ranked Auburn, and a column from John Romano on kicker Delbert Alvarado. You still want more? Well, OK then ...

-- The New York Times -- I feel like I should repeat that, for emphasis -- has USF in a headline, writing that "expectations change overnight." Great quote from the Big East's Nick Carparelli, saying that many people thought Auburn was the Big East's best nonconference opponent this season. Gotta like the Times style, with the periods in U.S.F. ... reminds me of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." even though I'm like 10 years too young to have actually seen that.

-- The Washington Post -- again, some of you might have heard of this publication -- leads its national notes with the Bulls, saying that USF is a "serious contender" in the Big East.

-- Gotta throw some cross-Times-blog linkage to our FSU writer, Brian Landman, who has a ballot on the AP poll and ranked the Bulls 20th in his latest rankings. The "Disassociated Press Poll" at has USF ranked 18th.

-- In San Francisco, USF means something else, with the hometown Dons, but the Chronicle checks in on the Bulls, saying that USF "needs to hire some Madison Avenue guys to dress up its football image" after not getting ranked after the Auburn upset. If more California papers are writing about USF, it'll probably get some of those West coast ballots to include the Bulls in the next few weeks.

--'s Stewart Mandel was way out in front of the national media in identifying USF as top-25-worthy team, so he's reveling a bit, leading his Five Things We Learned This Weekend with the Bulls. He makes a smart observation, that USF-West Virginia has now trumped FSU-Alabama as the big game in the state the weekend after next.

-- Good to read former Orlando Sentinel colleges editor Mike Huguenin, now at Yahoo Sports, checking in on the Bulls and writing how they're reinforcing the idea they're the second-best program in the state.

-- The AJC's Tony Barnhart writes that Auburn's offense just isn't very good, saying the Tigers were lucky to get to overtime against USF, committing five turnovers and forcing none.

-- The Lakeland Ledger's Rick Brown, who lives just four houses down from me on Wesley Chapel's most literary lane, writes that for USF to really get national respect, the Bulls need to stop pairing huge upset wins with equally surprising losses to lesser opponents. With West Virginia looming just six days later, is North Carolina a trap game?

-- Tommy Hicks of the Mobile Register writes that Tommy Tuberville didn't earn his nickname of "Riverboat Gambler" on Saturday night, but that Jim Leavitt, by sticking with Delbert Alvarado after four misses, certainly deserved the moniker.

-- Always fun to see how newspapers handle swearing. We quoted Matt Grothe as saying he doesn't think the coaches poll gives "a rat's (expletive)" about USF -- not a lot of guesswork there -- but Monday's Sarasota Herald-Tribune quotes him as saying that "I don't think the coaches poll (cares) about us." I don't want to encourage swearing in newspapers (and blogs) read by impressionable young readers, but I still want to give a close sense of what's being said. I was torn between (expletive) and (butt). Thoughts?

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