Rebounding isn't easy. College football teams taking thei" />
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Put it behind you, or it happens again



      Rebounding isn't easy. College football teams taking their first loss while ranked in the Top 10 this season have been a combined 6-8 in their next games, more likely to lose again than to right their ship immediately after a loss.

       Of those eight teams that lost back-to-back, five went from the top 10 to being unranked in a span of two weeks. In all eight instances, the first loss was to an unranked opponent; only Florida and Rutgers have the consolation that their second loss came against a ranked opponent.

      Here are the big-name programs that have lost and lost again already this season, with their rankings before and after the back-to-back losses. USF tries to avoid joining this group Saturday against unranked Connecticut.

Team        Rank  Losses                        New rank

California  2     Oregon State, UCLA            18

Florida     4     Auburn, LSU                   13

Michigan    5     Appalachian St., Oregon       NR

Wisconsin   5     Illinois, Penn State          NR

Texas       7     Kansas State, Oklahoma        23

Louisville  9     Kentucky, Syracuse            NR

Penn State  10    Michigan, Illinois            NR

Rutgers     10    Maryland, Cincinnati          NR

[Last modified: Thursday, May 27, 2010 11:45am]


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