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Shrinking, again: QB Daniels back to 5-foot-11



If you've been reading this blog a while, you know there's an awkward level of amusement here whenever a new USF football roster is released, just to compare the heights and weights and see which Bulls have gained and lost the most weight since they last checked in.


Last fall, you might remember, we lauded first-year coach Skip Holtz for what looked to be truth in advertising with more accurate roster heights, most notably that quarterback B.J. Daniels suddenly went from being 6-foot-1 to being 5-foot-11. USF quickly, um, corrected that measurement, and Daniels spent the rest of the season at 6-foot-1 ... until Thursday.

That's when USF updated its online roster for 2011, and sure enough, Daniels is back to being 5-foot-11, having added two pounds to check in at 214. (UPDATE: On Friday night, Daniels' height was changed back to 6-foot-1, again.) He's not the only shrinking quarterback, as sophomore Bobby Eveld, who was 6-foot-5 last fall, is now 6-foot-4, having added nine pounds to check in at 209.

Which Bulls have gained the most weight since their 2010 roster measurements? By sheer poundage, it's freshman offensive lineman Austin Reiter, who picked up 23 to weigh 273, just edging defensive tackle Anthony Hill, who jumped up 22 pounds to 293. From a percentage standpoint, the biggest gain is freshman linebacker Hans Louis, who has quickly gone from 206 pounds to 227 on the new roster.

Other Bulls who gained more than 10 pounds? Defensive tackle Demi Thompson (+18, 273), defensive end Brandon Wilkinson (+16, 228), cornerback Ricardo Dixon (+15, 173), linebacker Reshard Cliett (+14, 210), guard Jeremiah Warren (+12, 327), defensive end Julius Forte (+12, 262), receiver Sterling Griffin (+12, 192), defensive tackle Cory Grissom (+11, 317), defensive end Ryne Giddins (+11, 259) and receiver Deonte Welch (+11, 201).

And which Bulls lost the most weight? Commendably, it's a pair of freshman offensive linemen -- Quinterrius Eatmon dropped 41 pounds to 299 (Skip Holtz cited him at 305 yesterday) and Tony Kibler dropped 35 to 320. The only others losing more than 10 pounds were offensive tackle Damien Edwards (-14, 321) and walk-on receiver Jordan Duval (-12, 213).

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