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So there's a draft in my car

Nothing of relevance to USF in the baseball draft yet, though I'm surprised how high Florida's Matt LaPorta went -- seventh overall, to Milwaukee -- and how far Hillsborough High's Michael Burgess fell -- to Washington at 50th.

I'm driving down I-75 going to USF this afternoon, and a Lincoln Town Car ahead of me runs over a five-foot metal ramp, like from a car carrier, and launches it up at my car. In the time it takes me to think "Is that a ladder?" it hits my hood, bounces up and puts a hole in my windshield, spider-webbing the whole left side of it.

I'm fine, no worries there. I could complain about a $250 deductible or the moron who didn't properly secure the ramp on his or her truck, but instead I'll say thanks to the smart people that design windshields in such a way that they somehow stop heavy flying metal objects, so my head doesn't stop them. It's because of them that I can type this non-post, and hug my kids, and wake up tomorrow. Kinda makes the draft a little trivial, no?

[Last modified: Thursday, May 27, 2010 11:29am]


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