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Transcript: Grothe, Selvie interview on ESPNU



ESPNU ran its hourlong Big East preview on Monday night, with USF seniors Matt Grothe and George Selvie joining the show for a two-minute interview with studio host Mike Gleason. Here's what they had to say:


ESPN: I'm joined by Matt Grothe and George Selvie, two of the marquee players for the Bulls. Matt, let's start with you. You're only 288 yards shy of becoming the all-time leader in total offensive yards for the Big East. How do you take those numbers and turn them into a Big East championship?

Grothe: I try not to think about it. I just know that if we play well this year and I play well, the records will come and a Big East championship will come, too. We'll just try to take one game at a time and have some fun out there.

ESPN: George, obviously you battled injuries last year, not to talk about double and triple-teams. Your numbers from 2007 and 2008 were a little different. How do you get back to that 2007 form?

Selvie: Just go out there and try to be a dominant player on the field. Don't try to force anything, just go out there and play hard and help my team win.

ESPN: Matt, any message for those who've picked Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and West Virginia ahead of the Bulls this year?

Grothe: This isn't the same team you've seen the last few years. We've got some new coaches, some new guys on the team, and they're going to surprise a lot of people. I promise you that.

ESPN: Here's a question for both you guys: The last two years, you cracked the top 10. Last year, you both said what happened in 2007 will not happen in 2008. It did. How do you prevent that, and where do you take it from here?

Selvie: First of all, you just go out there and try to play one game at a time. Sometimes, we got up there and sometimes, people say we got complacent when we were up there. We've got to take it one game at a time, and when you're on top, everybody's going to gun for you, so they're not going to hold anything back. We have to play like that. We can't hold anything back either. That's how I feel like we're going to approach it.

ESPN: After those great starts in '07 and '08, basically you've said you put too much pressure on yourselves. What do you mean by that?

Grothe: Trying to win a Big East championship too much. We forgot (when) we go out there that we're playing football. We got away from some things and worried too much about winning and we end up making ourselves lose.

ESPN: Matt, George, thanks for stopping by. Have a great 2009 season.

-- ESPNU will re-air its Big East preview on Saturday at noon, and they have live high school football on Friday night, with Venice High taking on a school from Virginia. Venice has a USF commitment in defensive end Brandon Wilkinson, and another USF target in tight end Beckett Wales.

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