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Trying to empty out my inbox ...



I've told you guys this before, but I can generally quantify how hectic my life is by the number of saved/new e-mails in my inbox. If I can keep that number down around 20 or less, I'm happy -- means there's a couple work e-mails, couple USF e-mails, but not too much backlog I haven't addressed.

I started this morning with 190 e-mails, which is the inbox equivalent of not shaving or showering for a week. So I'm trying to clean things up, which means putting links up here and getting rid of links in my e-mails. You guys are unknowingly helping me find my sanity. Here goes ...

-- Part and parcel with a newfound high ranking is lots of people taking shots at USF. If you guys were generally in disbelief about being No. 6, imagine the reaction of people who don't really know USF much at all. The Gainesville Sun's Pat Dooley writes of seeing USF and Kentucky in the new top 10: "No sir, I did not hand you a women's tennis poll." Later, he adds: "Only a fool would even consider that USF has passed the Big Three as far as being a college football program goes." USF, he does say, "has a nice up and coming program."

-- Rob Daniels, writing in the Greensboro News-Record (Greensboro being a hotbed of college football) dismisses USF's win against West Virginia by saying the Bulls "eliminated a team that had a legitimate national title shot and plugged in one that human voters won't really buy."

-- The most amusing line is from the Newark Star-Ledger, which saw Jim Leavitt give sideline reporter Rob Stone a noogie before the game and writes that "the normally subdued Leavitt was caught up by the intensity, too." Leavitt is subdued on a media teleconference, yes, but on a game day, the guy makes coffee nervous, as they say.

-- I think my favorite read on Leavitt's pregame intensity is from Pete Fiutak at, who riffs on how silly it is for Leavitt to be flanked (at least for a sec) by two officers running with him onto the field:

First of all, if you were to rank all 119 D-I head coaches (fine, FBS head coaches) by how good they’d do in an ultimate fighting tournament, I’d probably put Leavitt number one, Northwestern’s Pat Fitzgerald second, and Paterno third.

-- The Richmond Times-Dispatch in Virginia writes a hometown story on offensive coordinator Greg Gregory, reminding all that just three years ago, he was a pharmaceutical sales rep who just happened upon USF while on a family vacation to catch a Yankees game during spring training. "Over the weekend, we got credit for beating West Virginia and we also finally got credit for beating Auburn," he told the newspaper. "People found out that Auburn is a pretty good team."

-- Let me plug my own stuff for a sec: here's today's feature on George Selvie and USF's defensive line. Selvie should set USF's season sacks record this weekend, and the BIg East and national records for sacks and tackles for loss are within reach at his current pace. And if you didn't read Gary Shelton's column on Wednesday on Leavitt, you should.

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