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Even when I'm not trying to find stories about USF football, they find me. Just wanted a crappy hotel-lobby lunch, and sure enough, front page of the USA Today has Jim Leavitt, with a cover story in sports by Kelly Whiteside on USF. Lots of good stuff in there, and I wish I'd caught the great Greg Schiano quote about Matt Grothe throwing a pass last year and Schiano complaining he was over the line of scrimmage. Grothe, running back to the huddle, yells "No I wasn't" and keeps running. We like to give McPaper grief, but a good read.

-- Programming note: USF-Rutgers gets re-aired on Catch 47 on Sunday at 7 p.m.

-- West Coast love?! The Los Angeles Times is writing about the Bulls. "Consider the utter outrageousness of this typed sentence: South Florida's path to the national title might go through Rutgers." Took everything in me not to click on the link to the story on "Chocolate Jesus."

--'s Aditi Kinkhabwala -- she's an AP voter -- writes on George Selvie. Lots of Selvie stories getting written, but let's clear up something: he came to USF as a defensive end. Here's a story from January 2005 where I point out he was a second-team all-state center but was recruited as a defensive end. He had 55 tackles and six sacks as a high school senior. Don't get me wrong: he's a perfect example of USF being extremely good at evaluating high school talent. It's not like he hadn't played defense and played it well before last season, that's all. Here's a link I've been trying to find: back in October 2005, Leavitt opened a Bull Bowl exhibition to the media, and I wrote this: "Defensive end George Selvie and walk-on running back Ben Williams had strong games." Even a blind squirrel ...

-- I got name-dropped! Times prep columnist John C. Cotey (right there with John C. Reilly) has a guest column in his old paper, the Oracle, sharing his frustration that he didn't have real football during his USF days. "Sleeping overnight in front of the Sun Dome is old hat for some of us," j2c writes. "You call it Leavitt-Town. We called it not making it all the way back to the dorm on $1 pitcher night. Same difference."

Cotey had a perfect retro column going with three paragraphs to go -- I might have jinxed it -- until he called Clarence Weatherspoon "Witherspoon." I know this only because I, for some reason, tried to get every Weatherspoon basketball card made in 1992. (Seriously. I had like 100. I was young, and a Sixers fan. If anyone wants some primo Sharone Wrights, shoot me an e-mail.)

-- has Selvie among 10 players on its Heisman list. If he can get to Mike Teel tonight -- and I think the Bulls will get into the backfield more than Rutgers has seen this season -- you could start hearing more of this talk. Selvie's an absolute, legitimate consensus first-team All-American. Show me a national A-A team at the end of the year that doesn't have him at defensive end, I'll be impressed.

-- New programs popping up in college football are asking for trouble if they expect any kind of success resembling USF's after a decade. Old Dominion is using USF as a model, but it's a little unfair; a school just isn't going to catch the amazing break the Bulls caught in leaping conferences to the Big East.

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