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I know that a large majority of my readers here aren't St. Petersburg Times subscribers -- hey, I'm chipping away at that one entry at a time -- so I'll use today as an opportunity to shill like mad for you cheap blog-readers to pony up with a coupla quarters.

Dickson If you're a Bulls fan in the Tampa area -- you international readers can skip a few grafs -- today is a great day to find a rack and pick up a copy of the Times. I can't imagine a non-game-day where I can pack more Bulls headlines into the paper than today. Two front-page stories -- the centerpiece is our women's basketball preview, featuring Jessica Dickson and the upgraded supporting cast around her, and we had another story on USF's success running the reverse under Rod Smith.

But we're not done. There's the weekly USF notes, checking in on freshman Stephanie Sarosi and how USF has a new basketball court for the second time in as many years. And -- wait, there's more -- there's breaking news on USF getting a commitment from Cape Coral running back Rickey Anderson Jr., which you loyal readers knew about hours and hours ago. And no, USF didn't sign the kid; they can't do that until February, regardless of what our headline-writers tell you. AND the Bulls get the headline in our state practice roundup.

I can't promise four USF headlines every day, but give it a look, see how you like the new design. The circulation folks have some great deals going right now, especially if you're a new subscriber in Tampa. The toll-free number -- I'll wait a sec while you get a pen and paper -- is 1-800-333-7505.

And just to show this all isn't infomercial-level solicitation, I've got links to other people's stuff about USF.'s Nancy Leiberman has high praise for Dickson and the Bulls. And while USF isn't mentioned specifically, Austin Murphy at talks about how happy ESPN is with the interest level and ratings with these late-season battle-of-undefeated Thursday games.

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